Friday, November 16, 2007

writing my novel

I have felt for a few years I need to write a book, but keep putting it off. Till the other day I get a reminder about the National Novel Writing Month. It was the boost I needed. Only problem is that I had done signed up for the National Blogger Month. I also home school.So, if I don't come to your blog like I normally do, please don't get offended. Don't worry I will return! But, this book is real important to me, for reasons I can't say at this time. I do however try to come as much as I can and check out your blog especially if you visit mine, but if I miss you please don't get offended I'm just a little over booked in a good way for once.
Take care! & Hope you have a wonderful day.


Heather K. said...

Hey babe. What are you waiting for? Get writing. You've got to get that good stuff out when it's there, or you lose it. I'm afraid my creativity is all but gone. I've got just about enough left for homeschooling and then I'm tapped out.

We'll see you when we can.

dawn said...

I fully understand. You know how busy I can get. I have been a little strapped this week for visiting as well, and will get to people as I get a few moments. Good luck with the book.

Robinella said...

I'm signing up for bloglines so I don't have to click and wait for sites to come up anymore. I don't really know how to use this but will soon find out.

Just know I'm reading, not sure it'll show on your site or not.

Now get busy with that book, girlie.

Kellan said...

Hey - I think that is wonderful!! Write, write, write!!!

Thanks for coming over and leaving the nice Anniversary wish. Have a great weekend and good luck on your novel - SEE YOU SOON! Kellan