Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My little poem

Lucy Lou didn't know what to do.
She lost her shoe.
She didn't have a clue.
What was she going to do.
Aw! There it is with Old Blue.


dawn said...

Hey, that is a familiar name. Now who is old blue? Nice rhyme.

kitten said...

Some people call a blue tick hound, Old Blue. My dog is Sammie, but that wouldn't rhyme. I call my little girl, Lou Lou for nick name, but for the rhyme I used Lucy Lou. I guess I could have use her nick name, but Lucy Lou kept coming to mind. But my Lou Lou is always loosing her shoe. LOL! And most of the time some dog in the neighborhood has them.

Robinella said...

We had blue ticks growing up. My step dad hunted. My sister had a runt one named Hammer. He had the biggest paws!

Great to see you doing the poet thing with me.

Robin (Pensieve Poet Princess) said...

I found it! Good for you, not Lucy Lou (cute nick name, but I guess you changed your daughter's to protect the innocent :)...no, for poetic license!).

Thanks for joining in, and you are the SECOND person to question how to add your link...I'm going to write an email to the peeps in the group to let them know. Thanks for asking!