Friday, August 31, 2007

The letter B

"B" is for Bubbles the Buffalo. Yea, that's me. I got that name when I went through Wood Badge in Boy Scouts. When you go through wood badge you are in a group like a den and they give each group an animal name. I was in the buffalo group. I got my name because the ladie leaders said I had a bubbley personality and I stood out.
"B" is also for just bubbles. I love bubbles. They are a lot of fun and you can do a lot with bubbles. Last year we were having a bad week and needed more than a break. So, we took one day out side with bubbles and disscussed all kinds of things with bubbles. We tried to measure them in the air. It's hard but fun! We talked about what makes them float, why they have the rainbow effect in the sun and just out and out had fun.
"B" is also for ballons. I love ballons! I like heart shape ones the best.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Letter A

The letter "A" stands for August. August is one of my happiest and busiest months. This is why I choose to start school in September. Aron and Katie Beth's birthday is in August. That is what makes this month so special.Everything seems to land up in this month also. Plus, August is our hottest time of the year.
Also, "A" stands for Aron. He is my oldest child. He his really smart, good head on his shoulders and loves comedy. He really is a great kid very dependable most of the time.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

an alphabet meme

I found this meme over at Tara's blog and thought it would be inspiring. The idea is to do a letter of the alphabet each day, and reflect on random word associations. I just thought this would be a good way to get to know the "me"
I'm not going to pass it, but if you find it interesting then have you a ball!

A little something for Kris!

In our last round of secret pals on TDJ, kris (hsing3kinder) really spoiled me and made me really feel good. I really like looking at her drawings. This lady has heart and passion. kris has a way of inspiring me and others. So, I was wondering what little "Thank You" I could do for her. Why not give her an award that she deserves!
Here's to Kris! The Great Artist award!
Congrats to Kris! Thanks, Sista!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I have been so sick! Yuck!

I had sinus surgery 2 years ago. Now every time it rains I sneeze. No kidding. Friday I started doing a lot of sneezing, I told my hubby it was fixing to rain and yeppers it did. Little did I know I was going to get sick this time. Saturday I got up not feeling to well and as the day went by I got worse. By Sunday I was running 103-104 fever. My ears hurt, my head, gosh I just hurt all over. I went to my ear nose and throat Dr. Monday. The only thing he was worried about was my ears. No, I didn't have an ear infection. He said I had meniere's disease and some hearing lose. ( He wrote me out a script for that and walked out. I asked the nurse about my fever and mess and she told me if I wasn't better by Wed. to come back. WHAT? Duh! I'm running a high fever, feel like shit, have 3 kids and ya'll all the way in Tupelo. So, I came home and called my local Dr, which was booked, but I was able to see another one. He said my white blood count was really high, gave me some meds, told me to call if I got worse or come back in 5 days when I was done with the meds. if not better.
These last days of dying! and delirious of high fever, I have been remembering a lot of funnies in my life. (See blow one of them)Just a lot of stupid, silly stuff. I'm sorta glad I had a few days of rest and think back on these memories, but wish it was under better circumstances. I have already gotten weak and tired, so I'll have to post my funnies later.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ghost, Civil War stories fill other chapters of Lochinvar's past

If you read the story below you see What I'm talking about the "Ghost stories of Lochinvar" I have a few of my own, but in the funny way. All my life I have heard of all kinds of ghost stories at Lochinvar, even more than what is mentioned below. Well, my best friend when I was 14-18 was Angie Dillard. One summer when we was about 16 her cousin from Louisiana came for a visit. Angie had been telling him some ghost stories about Lochinvar and he said that NO GIRL FROM MISSISSIPPI WAS GOING TO SCARE HIM! LOL! He had never meet me. Angie and I took him there one night and I cut the car off. (We had told him if you cut your car off at night down in the fields it wont crank back up if you here hollers it means the ghost was coming) When I cut my car off I didn't put it park and you know you can't crank most cars if not in park or neutral. When the wind is up the Whipping Willows make a hollering sound. LOL! This boy got to getting scared, he almost pissed his pants. Well, Angie told me that was enough, but I was having too much fun. She was starting to get scared and I played on it! I got to acting like I was up set and couldn't crank the car. Them 2 was screaming and crying! LOL! They were trying to roll up the windows, but you can't roll up electric windows with out the car cranked up. The dude got to screaming like a girl and said he was sorry that he made fun of a Mississippi girl. So, I smiled and said, Oh, let me put the car in park.LOL! The dude gave me a stupid look and I put it in park and guess what?! The car cranked! I probably would have *SHIT* my pants if it hadn't, but I just couldn't help my self.
The dude never messed with this Mississippi girl any more and we had a few more funny but wild adventures. That just seems to be one that stands out more than most. LOL! So, if you ever want to come and visit Lochinvar, you may not want me to be your guide!

Our Bodock Festival

We have a Bodock festival every year and I use to really like it, but it has gotten so commercialized it ain't even funny. They still have the street dances, but people don't get out in the street and dance as they did in the past. I Don't mind a few vendors, but they have all the stuff so high and of coarse kids want to ride the rides. Well, grap the Fair just came to town and these rides cost more. Why can't they keep it simple and keep a lot of what our town use to stand for there, that's what I thought the Bodock Festival was about. Our Town has grown a lot in the past few years and has lost some of the old ways that has always made this town, but even thou I'm a little frustrated I still love my town.
My son rode in the 62 mile tour bike ride Saturday. It sadden me that he got a flat at the 20 mile mark. I know that sounds awful, but he payed his own way and was doing the ride to finish his bicycling badge for Boy Scouts. He looks at me and said, I at least got my $25 worth. I rode 20 miles and got a neat shirt. Okay, that's one way to look at it.
I was wanting to do a post about some of the things that has made the Bodock festival, but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. I did sadly find that they wont be having the tour and the civil war reenactment at Lochinvar any more. And the only thing I could find on the story of the Bodock was were the largest tree got blew down. Maybe later I can find the original write up about it. The bodock ball is also considered the "Horse Apple"
Here is the story about Lochinvar and how we lost our biggest bodock tree......

Ghost, Civil War stories fill other chapters of Lochinvar's past
4/2/2007 10:46:34 PM
Daily Journal

Daily Journal

PONTOTOC ??- The first time Lochinvar's well-being was saved, it was by a little bit of metal and a slip of paper.

In 1863, Col. James Gordon - son of Lochinvar's builder, Robert Gordon - and other Confederates captured 1,100 Union soldiers at the Battle of Thompson's Station.

Gordon's troop was told to transfer the Union soldiers to Tullahoma, Tenn. One of the Union prisoners, a Gen. Coburn, was so impressed with Gordon's kind treatment of the prisoners that he sent Gordon his sword and a note of thanks. Gordon sent the note and sword to his wife, Virginia, at Lochinvar.

Later, Col. Benjamin Grierson's notorious Union calvary began raiding and burning homes in North Mississippi. He sent a soldier to Lochinvar to raid and possibly even to burn the house. Virginia met him in her front lawn and showed him the sword and note.

Lochinvar was spared, and a Union soldier was ordered to stand watch over the house.

The sword will be on display during the tour.

Although that story is important to Lochinvar's past, it's a ghost story that's probably the house's most famous tale.

One of James Gordon's slaves, affectionately called Uncle Eb, was like a member of the family. When James left to fight in the war, he asked Uncle Eb to watch over Lochinvar and his family.

Uncle Eb would walk around the gates of the property with a lantern at sundown. One night, it's said, he went out during a rainstorm. A short while later, he fell ill and died.

According to many Pontotoc residents, you can still see Uncle Eb's light at Lochinvar's gates at sundown.

Though many Pontotocians swear they've seen the light, Dr. Forrest Tutor said he's never seen it.

"I've been asked a lot if I've seen the light, and I always tell them, Eb checked me out when I first moved in, and he decided I was OK, and he decided to retire,'" Tutor said.

Lochinvar opens for first tour after tornado

- The Pontotoc County landmark has risen from the shambles.

Daily Journal

PONTOTOC - During its 170 years, antebellum home Lochinvar has had two near-death experiences.

The first time, it was saved by a Union colonel's sword; the second time, it was saved and restored by owner Dr. Forrest Tutor, his family and two carpenters.

Lochinvar, in south Pontotoc County, was almost destroyed by a deadly F4 tornado in February 2001. Two full-time carpenters have worked on the home for the past 5 1/2 years. On April 22, Lochinvar will open for a tour for the first time since the destruction.

"It's unbelievable how they put that house back together, and to see it now, you wouldn't hardly know the difference, especially on the inside," said Martha Jo Coleman, recording secretary for the Pontotoc County Historical Society.

Long history

Lochinvar was built in 1836 by a Scotsman, Robert Gordon. His son, James, took over the home after his father's passing in 1867 but lost the house in the early 1900s. The Fontaine family bought Lochinvar but didn't move in for about 20 years. During those years, Lochinvar was used as everything from a dance hall to a bootlegging joint, Tutor said.

The Fontaine family moved in 1926. They sold the house to Tutor, who was practicing medicine and teaching neurosurgery at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, in the late 1960s. Tutor said he never knew much about Lochinvar before meeting the Fontaines - "I just knew it as the old haunted house south of Pontotoc."

Throughout the years, Tutor took care of the house and gave tours to clubs and schoolchildren. The first open house was a surprise - 1,852 people toured the home in eight hours.

Gone in a minute

Tutor, his wife, Janis, and son, Travis, were inside Lochinvar when the 2001 tornado hit. Their son, Gordon, was staying with friends in Tupelo.

"It was horrible. There's no other word for it," Tutor recalled. The tornado passed through in "no more than a minute, but things were pretty busy for that minute."

The family survived the destruction without injury.

"The old house held together long enough for us to get out without a scratch," he said. "That made me love the place more."

Lochinvar's roof and front wall were thrown into the front yard. The floors, foundation and spiral staircase were stable.

Terry Walton and another carpenter have worked full-time for the past 5 1/2 years to restore the home. Only two major changes were made, both to the outside: The new roof is peaked instead of the original gable style, and the Tutors chose not to rebuild the destroyed widow's walk observatory.

Not all lost

Despite the destruction, Lochinvar's treasures either have been saved or used to make something new.

The destroyed cedar, black walnut and bodock trees around the property were salvaged by Tutor for an unusual purpose. He asked Walton, the principal carpenter in restoring the house, to build him a casket out of the wood.

"I hope that thing rots before I have to use it," he said with a laugh. "I'm not anxious to use it."

The wooden coffin is being kept in the house's basement, and Tutor said he may bring it out during the tour.

The April 22 tour's $10 entry fee will serve as a fundraiser for the Pontotoc Historical Society. But Tutor said anyone who helped his family or Lochinvar after the tornado will be admitted free.

Coleman said tour groups will go through the entire house, and people in Civil War-era clothing will be in each room to explain each room's highlights. Refreshments will be served in the back yard and anyone who wants to visit the Gordon family cemetery - just behind the house - can see it, too.

Tutor said this may be the last official open house of Lochinvar.

"I'll be 80 in July, so I'll have an excuse to quit," he said with a smile.
Pontotoc's history took a hit in the maelstrom. Lochinvar, built in 1836 as a home by pioneer planter Robert Gordon, lost its second floor and observatory. The state-record bois d'arc tree on its grounds, after which Pontotoc's Bodock Festival was named, was destroyed.

Friday, August 24, 2007


I hope none of my blogging friends get jealous (which I know they wont) I have a special award I want to give to a special lady. I have been thinking on this for about a week and had asked another blogging friend how to do this. She told me to just make one up, so I did. If any of my other blogging friends do something that stands out and I feel you need a little something something I will do the same for them.
So here it goes..... I would like to give Heather ( the "RED NECK" Award! She is so funny and cute about her red neck ways and has been going through a hard time so I wanted to cheer her up.
The only rule I have is that if she knows someone that lets their red neck ways shine and needs a lift, to pass it on to them.
Love ya! Girly!

One of our big messes

LOL! Rebel put a contest on her blog about your big messes. It didn't take me long to think on one in particular. And trust me, we have a lot of messes around here.
Okay, One Saturday about 3-4 years ago, Dan Dan was gone for the week-end fishing, the kids are outside playing on the slip n slide and I was getting the water ready to wash dishes. I guess the pressure of the water on the out side and the inside caused the main water line to come off. Water started going everywhere. I turned the water off in the sink and opened the cabinet door. I was trying to figure out what to do or how to shut off the main valve. As I was taking everything out of the cabinet so I could turn off the main valve I accidentally knocked the tubing to the sink off. So, all the water in the sink came down on me also. I'm about to freak at this moment and my friend Sherry didn't help matters. I finally got to the valve and turned it off. Only to realize at this time I was soaked from head to toe and I had water all over the house. (I promise, after I cleaned all the water, I bet my floors have never been so cleaned.) Really! (We have a big house, built in the 1940's) Water had already started going into the living room from the kitchen and in the other direction (our house is one big circle) water is going into the big bathroom, wash room, the boys room and the small bathroom. Sherry and I are going around throwing down towels and blankets trying to stop the flow of the water. My kids hear all the commotion in the house and came running in side. To them it was fun time! Sherry's child and my 3 came in just a sliding and I was about to scream. LOL! I finally got most of the watered cleaned, fixed the lines and the kids calmed down. Looking back on it now I guess I should have just joined in with the kids and enjoyed myself, but what a mess! I had 5 or more loads of clothes to wash after this big mess. With 3 kids and my house is where all the nieces and nephews come we have a lot of messes, but this one sticks out in my head the most.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

recipe for the week

Cowboy Cass.
5- 6 potatoes (cut up into small pieces) Boil completely
1 lb Hamburger meat (scramble & brown, then drain off grease)
3 cans of pork n beans

After taters and hamburger meat is cooked layer ingredients into a casserole dish....
1st layer- taters
2nd- Hamburger meat
3rd- Pork n beans

Put in oven and cook @ 350 degrees for about 20mins or completely warmed all the way through.

Friendship quotes

I found these quotes as I was researching a few things. Since I have a few great friends from the blogging world and the DJ I thought I would post a few of these quotes to show my friendship to them and what their friendship means to me.
Thank you all!
* Misfortune shows those who are not really friends.
Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC), Eudemian Ethics
* The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.
Carl Jung (1875 - 1961)
* Friendship make prosperity more shining and lessens adversity by dividing and sharing it.
Cicero (106 BC - 43 BC), On Friendship, 44 B.C.
* You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.
Dale Carnegie
* Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Teaching Meme

Teaching Meme
Heather K. gave me this one. Answer the questions and pass it on. If I didn't mention you and you would like to do this, please do so and let me know so I can partake in your wonderful answers.

1. I am a good teacher because… I care about and love my students. I get to know them in depth. I enjoy learning with them. Because I'm momma!
2. If I weren’t a teacher I would be a… mmmmmmmmm, Not sure, because being a home school mom I already do all the things I love. I cook, teach, learn and so much more. I guess if I had a chance or just put my mind to it, I would write a book, also own my own restaurant.( I could even do these and home school. mmmmm!)
3. My teaching style is…( I skipped the part of homeschooling where you read about the philosophy of it all and I could care less about labels. I teach my children how they learn best that day and it changes almost daily it seems.)-I agree with Heather on this one. I do have one teaching style that seems to work best for the kids and me. That would be hands on.
4. My classroom is…the world and our daily life.
5. My lesson plans are… I have them listed on another post of mine....Friday, May 04, 2007-wandering about my son getting is HS Diploma
6. One of my teaching goals…is to end up with bright, caring, responsible, independent children capable of dealing with what life hands them. I want them to love learning, but not to the point that they can't also put that knowledge to good use. I have known too many people that have spent their entire lives in college and never shared their knowledge with the world. I think that is sad. ( I agree with Heather on this one)
7. The toughest part of teaching is… relaxing. I get stressed out about if they are learning enough, when they should be learning it. I need to back up and let them take the reigns more often. It's amazing what they come up with when you let them.(I have to agree with Heather on this one.)
8. The thing I love about teaching is… seeing the light bulbs go off. I love to see their faces when they truly understand something for the first time. I love it even more when they start teaching each other what I have taught them.( I have to agree with Heather once more) Plus, Spending that quality time with them. We seem to have a bigger bond during the time we school.
9. A common misconception about teaching is… that you need a degree to do it. We are all teachers. Teaching doesn't stop. We are curious by nature and will learn by observation of others without realizing it. I teach by my actions and how I conduct myself every day. I am teaching you right now, without you even realizing it. Scary isn't it? (I have to agree with Heather yet another time, isn't that scary. LOL)Plus, you do not have to sit down and mold your kids all the same. Just let them be express their self.
10. The most important thing I’ve learned since I started teaching is… everyone learns differently. (This is so true!) The first few years of home schooling with trying this and that I finally realized even thou they all learn about the same thing, I have to do each child different. Plus, You can be yourself. What works for one family no matter how similar you may seem, doesn't work for another and that is okay.
This was fun. In a way easy but in another hard, because Heather K. seemed to have have so many great answers. That's another thing about Home schooling I like is, You can borrow something from someone and you aren't called a cheat. It's just admiring someone or just people from different worlds that share some of the same things.

I pass this to............
hsing3kinder (kris),

Monday, August 20, 2007

I got an award!

It's was a little over whelming to find this out, but what I thought was so neat, That I was awarded this by Heather and Heather K. Ain't that just awesome! Both Heathers thought of me. I love these 2 women, they are really truly a friend.
Official Stuff: "This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you've been awarded please pass it on to 7 others who you feel are deserving of this award."
There were other ladies out there that up lift me all the time, but because they were all ready awarded I didn't add them to my 7, but thank them from the bottom of my heart for always being a friend!(I think they know who they are)
My 7........
1) Kris, -Not only was she a great & wonderful secret sis, she has always been a great friend.
2) Lisa, - She is new to TDJ, but she is a really sweet lady and I really enjoy her blog.
3)Fourmother, - I haven't got to read her blog as much as I like lately, but she is a wonderful lady and I enjoy her on TDJ.
4) Frally, - She is a dear sweet lady. Ilove reading her blogs and getting to know her.
5)LB, - She reminds me of a old friend of mine. She seems to always be full of spunk and happiness.
6) Amy Jo, - This lady is so down to Earth and just down right great!
7) Shirley Hill, - She is just a very sweet and dear friend. She always seems to always know when you need a pick me up.
Like I said before, There are other ladies who inspire my very often, but because they were already awarded this award I didn't mention them, but hold them very dear and thank them also!

Thanks kris!

hsing3kinder was my secret pal from TDJ this time around. Gosh, was she ever great! Here is a post card "She made" Ain't that just plum de sweet! Kris I just want to publicly Thank You! Girl!, I'm lost for words! Luv ya, Sista!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

other birthday pics

Here is a few from the fashion show and one of my oldest during the talent show.

Our Birthday was a blast!

Even thou I did work my self silly trying to get as much done as possible my kids birthdays turned out great! KB's cake didn't turn out as pretty as the picture, but I am very proud of my self. Only family showed and we had 25 people here. (We have a big family, both sides-not even 1/2 showed)I was kinda glad that some of the other didn't come and some of the family couldn't make it. I hate that one of my nieces was in the hospital thou. After the party and everybody left, the girls and I got started with the sleep over. Gosh! It was a blast! We did hair, fashion show, talent show, painted finger and toenails, did make up and then I gave up and left them with all the fun. Them girls stayed up till after 5 in the morning! I'm glad I had one of my teen age nieces to help. My oldest had a blast aggravating the girls! Plus he got in on the fun of the talent show.
The only one wish I have is to get this house finished. I may have enjoyed it better, but I can't complain. We almost got the painting finished. YIPPEE! And the party was a bigger hit that I thought it would be!

Friday, August 17, 2007

The birthday parties are Saturday!

I'm having the kids party Saturday here at the house. I guess instead of typing away at the computer I need to be painting. Because I want the painting finished and the new floors put in before then. I would have it at the Park, but we have been under Heat Advisories for over a month with out rain. So, its too hot for that. Plus last year I had our middle child's BD at the church and some of my hubby's family was RUDE! I don't care if you go to church or not, but at least respect it. I look at this way.......... You don't want people coming into your house being disrespectful, then don't go their house or church being disrespectful. I guess that is one of the reasons I really don't want to have it here, but I rather them criticize my house than my church. Plus, I'm really pushing getting all this done before we start school. It has been drugged out long enough, but with me baby sitting my 2 nephews this summer I couldn't really paint. BOY! That would be fun! It would be easier if I had help. My boys have helped till I got to this point where you really have to be careful. So, I wont let them help me at this point. Plus my hubby had a heat stroke this summer and has not fully recovered to his old self. When he gets off work, he is just beat and can't do to much. Crap he missed 2 weeks over the mess.
Okay! I'm stressing too much over this BD thingy, so I better just get up and get to work and do the best I can.
Hopefully I can get a new camera or get mine fixed to show pics of the BD and the progress I have made in the house. Well, to next time!..........
Hope you have a happy!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to my oldest!

Today my oldest is 14. Seems like yesterday we were bringing him home and look at him now. Aron is taller them me, shoes are bigger, he weighs more and stronger than me. He's a little man! Looking at him now I can't believe that the Dr. handed him back to me when he was 6 months old and told me he had 3 days to 3 weeks to live. My heart dropped like a rock. I'm so glad the Dr. was wrong. He had always been sick but we never knew what it was. At 6 months he weighed a little over 6 lbs and whiter than white. We had tried every kind of formula, but he still threw it up. He was hooked to all kinds of machines, in and out of the hospital, his heart had stopped twice, he was having seizures for a reason they couldn't explain and I hardly slept. The day the Dr. told me I went to church just all beside myself. A little old lady told me to go buy 36 cans of goats milk. (Not sure of why that exact number and have been meaning to look up the meaning) I told her I didn't have enough money to buy that many cans and if I did it would be a waste of money. She went to a local store and bought 36 cans for us. I took Aron to the Dr. 2 weeks later and he couldn't believe it was the same little boy. Looking at my miracle today you could never know he ever had any problems.
Happy Birthday my baby and my man!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cry! Cry! My little girl is growing up

Oh My Gosh! My little girl is 10. I can't believe she is so big. She is still suppose to be mommy's little baby. I know she will always be my baby, but it just seems like yesterday I was changing her diaper. I was just watching her yesterday with a amazed look all day. I had to take her to the Dr. because she had got bit by something Sunday. The Dr. was like me it did look like a spider bite but she didn't think it was poisonous. As we were at the Dr. They weighed her and she weighed 93 lbs., as she sat beside me I noticed how her feet were close to my size, she put her hands in mine and they were almost as big as mine. I know I see her everyday, but I guess because she was getting another year older I watched her so close yesterday. Then it happened, not that I wished it because believe you me I didn't. She fell down while she was skating on the road and demanded for her MOMMY. I went out side to pick her up and got to giggling because I couldn't pick her up and carry her all the way to the house and up the stairs. My middle child got to calling her a baby because she was crying and I turned around to him and said, Well, she is my baby and when you fell earlier I ran to you also. He gave me that sheepish look and helped me get her skates off. I hate that she got hurt, but at least I know she still isn't too big for her mommy.
Happy Birthday Baby, mommy Loves you!

Monday, August 13, 2007

I haven't been on line much

All summer I have been pretty busy with so many kids. Now that public school has started back I'm trying really hard to get my house finished before September. Along with everything else I have to do. I have been taking and helping the boys mow other people's yard for they can make some money. Plus I have been taking care of momma. I'll be glad at least to get this house done and get school started back. That way I'll have more time to do the things I love.(Spend a little more time on TDJ, reading blogs and writing on mine) Plus, You would think every body's yard would slow down no more rain we have had. Also, my boys have gotton to where they stay on the computer. That all will change once school starts. Yippe! I'll get my computer time back and my adult conversation time back! Yeah, me! But I still do have a few more weeks of getting everything together.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Buckwheat Boyz - Ice cream and cake

Yeah! I've got 2 birthday parties coming on the 18th. My KB will 10 on the 14th and my DJ will be 14 on the 16th. So I got 2 cakes! I'm going to make KB a jewlery cake, but haven't decided what to fix for a 14 yr old. Yes, I have always made their cakes, but a 14 yr old. Well, all I know is I better get my noodle working. And if any of my friends want to give me advice I would be so happy!

The best of Rodney Atkins

I'm not big on country, but this song just seems to fit my life at the moment! But I know........ This too shall pass.