Friday, November 30, 2007

The Dead line is today.

My Novel is due today. I will not be turning it in. This month was just way to busy to get all my writing done. The good thing is that the National Novel Month thing got me motivated, so not a loss. I will finish it in time. I had realized that I had to go back and add here and there because things kept flooding my mind, then there were several days I didn't get to write.
Also this is the last day for National blogger month. Man! It's going to be a relieve not having to just come up with stuff, but write my post like I normally do. I usually do write everyday, but if I don't now I wont feel pressured. It will feel sorta weird in a way because I know others wont write as much and will probably get bored. LOL! But that will be okay, it will give me more time to write and sew.
During this Christmas Holiday we are planning of taking 2 weeks off from school except reading and maybe KB working on her work books. Because when she gets bored that's what she wants to do. I am planning on finishing the house or at least knocking another big dent in it. Plus, I'm planning on starting my ABC quilt. I guess we will see if it all works out.
Hope You Have A Happy!


Beckie said...

I thought I would come and check your blog out after the Fun Monday emailing. I am a quilter too - I am off to check out your quilting links.

Dawn said...

Too bad you didn't finish, but it is great that something good came of it anyway.