Friday, November 30, 2007

November 30, My Thankful list.

Here's my 1st 10:
#1 Jesus Christ dying on the cross for me.
#2 My mother
#3 My husband
#4 My children
#5 My Brothers
#6 My house
#7 My Pastor & Family
#8 My church
#9 All My friends here & in the cyber world.
#10 I have plenty of food to feed my children.
Here's my next 10:
#11 The stripes that Jesus took for me: By his stripes we are healed.
#12 My children are healthy
#13 I live in a Free country
#14 That I can home school my kids
#15 That God gives me the strength & courage to make it through each day
#16 My health
#17 For my (dog)Sammie, she is my protector and my joy
#18 Daniel's grandmother (Maw)
#19 My Uncle Buddy who is winning a battle of cancer
#20 My talent to cook
This year has been a real hard year financially, physically, mentally and my husband's health. I could whine, gripe and complain, but I choose not to. why? Because God has took really good care of us. Five years ago sorta the same thing happened. I was the one with major health problems and I lost my job. Dan also broke his leg. But the same as this year when we didn't know how we were going to pay a bill or needed something, it seem to come right when we needed it. That year for Christmas we had no idea how we going to get something for the kids. Someone put our name in Ashley kids and got our kids Christmas. I didn't know it till the week before Christmas. I was expecting a outfit a piece and a toy, which was fine for me. But, I was wrong. The kids got about 5 outfits, shoes, socks, underwear and several toys. They also brought us a big box of Groceries. I cried like a baby. Same as this year, I haven't told a sole, but facing almost the same. But unlike that year, I'm not worried. I haven't fretted and cried this year like I did that year. Because I know he has already took care of us before and he will again. Now, he may not do us this Christmas like he did before, but that will be okay also. My kids already know and they have said that if he don't like he did before they know he did it once before and they also know that God will bless us again. So, I have a lot more than the 30 that will be listed here and I do not want no one to feel sorry or sad. Because I serve a God that will take care of his own. Plus, to me the Spirit of Christmas is more than gifts. But I just feel someone out there needs a lift and/or a little gleem of HOPE!
#21- The teens I'm able to teach on Wednesday nights.
#22- for a good and safe vehicle
#23- for my sight
#24- For the air I breathe
#25- for the clothes we have
#26- for the happiness we have
#27- Daniel's mom
#28- Daniel's dad (he loves me as his own)
#29- Daniel's brothers
#30 - Last, but not least, I thank God for making me, me!


Holly said...

That is a beautiful post.

Dawn said...

A great post to finish your 30 thankful things. I hope things go better for you and I will remember you family in my prayers.

Junebug said...

Good things to be thankful for, especially and most of all Jesus Christ our Savior. Merry Christmas!