Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I know a few Fun Mondays ago I posted about our traditions, but I'm gonna do it again today, but maybe a little different and add what I left out.
The Tuesday before Thanksgiving I make up 1-2 big things of dressing and some desserts to take to the church that Wednesday morning for we can make up plates to take to the elderly. I also make a small pan for the house that night and cook for Dan Dan and the kids. We don't usually do a Turkey that night since I don't like turkey, but we do sometimes. This past Tuesday I made a deer roast to go with the dressing. Kb & Aron made a cake. I'm a BAD momma because I didn't think to take a picture of it. It was so pretty. They did all the decorating their self with out my help. This is just our little Thanksgiving for us. Then on Wednesday I got up and finished cooking the 2 big dressings I had made to give out. We have done this the past 4-5 years. I usually stay at the church to cook the veggies and make up plates. The kids and a few adults go out and hand out plates to the elderly. We usually are able to hand out 60-80, but this year we made it to 104! We were proud of our self. We are just a small church of 70 on roll , but only 25-30 attend regularly. Probably 8-9 families.
Here's a few pictures:

The first picture is of all the kids that helped by putting desserts in the boxes and/or delivering them. The little girl in pink prising is KB and the boy in brown is my Aron.
The second one a real bad picture of me at the front of the line putting dressing and turkey on the plates.(Oh, by the way my hair is wet. That's why it looks so thin and what ever)
The 3rd picture is the 2 ladies next in line putting the veggies on the plate. Right behind them you can catch a little peek of our pastor's wife.
The 4th picture is KB and a new boy at the church building a big tower in the class room that my kids and I painted.
I thought they had got more pictures but didn't. That concludes what we do the day before Thanksgiving.
Today and every Thanksgiving day we go to Daniel's grandmother's house. (Maw's) We don't live, but 20 minutes away. But!, we (the kids and I mostly)don't get to see her but a few times a year. The kids and I go close to dinner then stay till almost bed time. Today KB went hunting with her daddy, so she will come to Maw's at dinner then stay the rest of the day playing with her cousins she don't see much. Aron don't really hunt and Josh will hunt all day except to take time to come and eat. I don't know how much she can do it or what we will do after she is gone, but Maw is almost 80 years old if not already. (Sorry can't remember) She starts the day before and cooks all that day and most of Thanksgiving day. She don't want help!, but we all bring a little something. She cooks 2 turkeys, 2 hams and gosh don't ask me how many veggies. And pies and pies and more pies! LOL! She has enough food that Dan Dan and the rest of the guys that hunt the rest of the week can come in and eat dinner everyday. Now that's a lot of food!
Okay! Friday I will go to my momma's and clean her house and help her do most of her cooking for us to have Thanksgiving at her House Saturday. We have almost lost momma the last 2 Christmas' and she is trying to get sick again. She really isn't able to do all the work that's why I go, but I still can't make her sit down and she don't want to have it at nobody Else's house. But hopefully with momma not working now she has more time to rest instead of pushing her self. That way she wont get as bad.
So, there you have it! Hope you and yours have a Wonderful & Blessed day!


Ami said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Kitten.

You're one of the people I'm thankful for.

Junebug said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I am so tired but we had a wonderful day. :D

dawn said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have lots of fun with your families today and Saturday and helping your mom, Friday.

Sirdar said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! We had ours last month. Glad you can take the time to help they way you do. Good for the soul I'd say...