Monday, March 31, 2008

What kind of shoe are you?

I found this over at Nekked Lizard's And I honestly thought I would be bare foot, but in reality, Flips flops are more my style!

You Are Flip Flops

You are laid back and very friendly.

Cheery and sunny in disposition, you usually have something to smile about.

Style is important to you, as long as you can stay casual.

It takes a lot to get you to dress up!

You are a loyal and true person, though you can be a bit of a flake.

You tend to "play hooky" and blow off responsibilities a lot more than most people.

You should live: By the beach

You should work: At a casual up and coming company


Fun Monday- Quotable quotes and words that inspire.

This week our hostess is Robin and here are her instructions.... share words that inspire and motivate you--brief or bloviatory, silly or serious, from great world leaders to last night's Comedy Central...from a Hallmark greeting card to your favorite book. Choose one, choose many; let the quotes stand on their own or tell where you first read or heard them and how they affected you. There's a lot of leeway with how this topic can be handled.
Your favorite "words of inspiration" might just be THE thing someone needs to hear
(I REALLY LOVE this idea! I love inspirational words and quotes! So, Here Are a few that I hold dear and a few that I try to live by!)

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow; Don't walk behind me, I may not lead; Walk beside me, and just be my friend.
Albert Camus

Forsake not an old friend, for the new is not comparable unto him. A new friend is as new wine: when it is old thou shalt drink it with pleasure.
The Bible

Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up.
Jesse Jackson

Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.
John Wooden

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
For everything there is a season,
And a time for every matter under heaven:
A time to be born, and a time to die;
A time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted;
A time to kill, and a time to heal;
A time to break down, and a time to build up;
A time to weep, and a time to laugh;
A time to mourn, and a time to dance;
A time to throw away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
A time to embrace, And a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to seek, and a time to lose;
A time to keep, and a time to throw away;
A time to tear, and a time to sew;
A time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
A time to love, and a time to hate,
A time for war, and a time for peace.

Here is a few quotes I posted here while back.

A few kind words to get you through

Live and let live
When we live and let live, we don't need to criticize, judge, or condemn others. We have no need to control them or try and make them conform to our way of thinking. We let others live their own lives and we live ours.

This simple slogan helps center us on our own dual recovery and on living our own life in the best way we know how. Live and let live is one of the keys to peace in our lives. When we practice tolerance in our lives we are liberated to work on our own issues. When we use this slogan we end many of the conflicts in our lives and gain the ability to stop new ones before they build into big ones.

(Here is video to go with the last quote. Not exactly "Live and Let Live", but is what inspired my writing.)

Hope You Enjoyed & Hope You Have A Wonderful Day!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Blog's Reading Level

I found this over at Chris B's and I was like her, I had to know.

blog readability test

Movie Reviews

Looky at what I won!

The other day I was catching up on my blog reading. (Which I haven't got to do much lately because I have been taking care of my mother.) While I was over at NekkedLizards I saw this and left a comment. It had caught my eye because it was about Surviving the Blogging Blues of Winter. This just really seemed to fit me at this time. And guess what???? Today, she sent me a little note and told me I won! How about that?!? Taking about brightening up my day! So!, I can honestly say that I'm a...

Thank you so much!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Say Something Saturday

Ami wondered if anyone else would appreciate writing assignments. I was one that thought it would be a cool idea. Well, for one I haven't had much to talk about that I feel to share with others and most of you are probably tired of me writing about my mom. 2nd, I like writing assignments and I thought I would give my oldest this challenge on Mondays to help with his easy writing.
Here is Ami's assignment....You can use humor, be serious, be angst-y, grumpy or optimistic... whatever works for you.
You have a little more than 24 hours to complete this writing task:
In fewer than 500 words, write a story or a poem incorporating the following words in no particular order.
Bubble, box, egg, astounding, heart and match.

As I was walking down the street, this man walked up to me with an astounding look. He had a heart shaped box in his hands. In the sweetest voice he said,please don't be alarmed, but I have been watching you for weeks. A little nervous, I stood there and listened to this tall dark and handsome. Before I knew it hours had past. It was like I had meet my match made in Heaven. As we stood there and talked he told me to open the box. Inside the box was the most beautiful egg you have ever seen. The next thing I know, my fat and balding husband woke me. I asked him in an angry tone, Why did you have to wake me and bust my bubble!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter, Bitter Sweet Wedding and Birthday

Easter was a little different around here this year. For one my oldest brother has decided not to celebrate Easter with hunting eggs or family get together. So, We will have a family gathering at my mom's in April.
Also my cousin and his wife got remarried. I know it was really sweet and I'm glad they were able to work things out and get back together. I have always thought they were a great couple. Now!, Why would I call their wedding Bitter Sweet? Well, about a year ago Pat got into some trouble and was messing with drugs. That is why she divorced him. She loved him, but could not deal with his mess at the time and didn't want their little boy involved. Pat got caught and with the divorce, this woke him up. And I'm so glad, but he is going to have to serve some time. That's why their wedding was bitter sweet. Pat got sentenced last week and the judge let him stay home through the week end and report to the jail Monday. I didn't know about the wedding till Saturday about 3 or 4 P.M. and about 6 P.M. I got a call from my Pastor's wife asking me if I would do the wedding cake and help with the wedding. Yes! We had to really throw this wedding together! It turned out wonderful! Here are a few pictures of the cake and the wedding.

Okay! For the Birthday boy! Eli turned 4! For those who do not know, Eli lived with us from not long after he was born till a little after his 2nd birthday. I really thought we were going to adopt him. I got really attached and was very hurt when his mom pulled her little stunt. I'm okay with all of it now and have forgiven everyone involved. The great thing about it all is that Eli and I still have a bond that no one can take away. I am proud that his mom has finally straightened up and doing right and things are probably better for the way they turned out.
The other thing that made this Easter so sweet was it was 17 days earlier than normal. That's how Eli's birthday landed up on Easter this year. The next time Easter will be that early will be 2228.
Here are a few pictures of our Birthday Boy!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fun Monday ABC's

This week our host is Swampy and she wants us to do our ABC's! Here's her rules...Choose a topic/theme and make an alphabetical list of words, phrases, photos...however you want to share your topic/theme.

Topics can range from pet-peeves, vacations, people who have influenced your life, jokes, favorites, philosopher's quotes/sayings, birds, flowers...anything. The sky is the limit. Your ABC list can be depicted with words, photos, illustrations... You are limited only by your imagination. Be funny. Be serious. Be creative. Be sarcastic. Be there, or be square.

And, yes, of course you may bend the rules. Just entertain us. If you can't do all TWENTY-SIX, do as many as you can. (If you have kiddos, let them join the fun and help with the list. Make it a family, brainstorming session.)

I thought this would be pretty cool, because last August I did an ABC meme all about me. I did 2 words for each letter of the alphabet either about who I am or things that are dear to me. This Fun Monday will give me a chance to do it again and then later on I can go back and see how close my answers compare. At first I thought of just trying to describe me, but leaving out things dear to me, I just really couldn't describe me without them. Now, the only difference between this Fun Monday and my Meme is that I will try to only use one word for each letter.
So, Here I go!!!!!!!!!
is Aron. (He is my oldest and my Love!

is for Bubbles the buffalo. This is a nick name I got during Wood Badge because of my Bubbly personality.

is for Cheerful. (I'm a over all Cheerful person)

is for Daniel. (He is my husband of 16 plus years! and my Love!)

is for Easy going. (Because that's just me)

is for Friendly. (My mom and husband say that I'm over friendly, but that is just me.)
is for Green. (That is my favorite color)
is for Happy go Lucky and Heart. (I'm a Happy Go Lucky person (most of the time) and my heart is bigger than me.)
is for Individual. (I'm most certainly one that is different than most and rather be that way.)

stands for Josh. (He is my middle child, my little Red, and my love!)
stands for Katie Beth. (She is my youngest, my little princess and my love!)(Kitten is also my nick name from birth and has stuck with me all my life)

stands for Love. (I'm a very loving person and I Love people and Life!)
stands for Magnolia. (I live in the Magnolia state and proud of it)
stands for number. I like the study of Biblical Numerology. It just fascinates me the symbolic meaning behind numbers. (I have recently found the book I have been looking for years. Numbers in the Bible : God's Unique Design in Biblical Numbers by Robert D. Johnston

stands for Open or Open minded. (I'm a very open person and very open minded. I may not always agree with you, but I'm opened to your ideas instead of being prejudiced or simple minded.)

stands for parent and Proud to be one!
stands for quilts. I love learning how to make them.

stands for reasonable. (I try to always be a reasonable person)

stands for Sagittarius. (That's my birth sign)

stands for Ten. (That is my favorite number) also stands for Trust. something I need to work on. Not only in others, but in myself.)

stands for Unique. That I am! I'm one of a kind! Aren't you glad? U also stands for Understanding. (I'm a very understanding person, maybe too understanding for my own good at times.)

stands for Valentine's day. (One of my favorite Holidays, it stands for spreading Love!)

stands for Wisdom. It is great to have wisdom and I like to learn, but it's better to have understanding with with wisdom. (Which I don't always have and wish I had more) W also stands for World. we as HomeSchoolers, the world is our learning place and I wish I could travel the world just one time while I have my kids home and learn more about how others live.)
stands for number 10 in Roman numerals,(X 10 (ten) (decem) which you already now is my favorite number.

stands for Youth, which I dearly love working with.

stands for Zest. Here are 2 definitions that really do fit me. The outermost part of the rind of an orange, lemon, or other citrus fruit, used as flavoring. (Which is my favorite smell and taste. I also love clean with citrus fruits like lemon.) Spirited enjoyment; gusto: When I do something I usually do it with my all!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Trip of a life time,

Matter fact a Summer of a life time. The only problem is that my son is scared to take the leap. Okay, Let me break it down.
My son has been in scouts since the beginning and he is up for Eagle this year. He also has always wanted to get his BSA Lifeguard. But he wants to go to church camp. He can do both this year, if he would, because of his age group for church camp this year will make them different weeks instead of the same week. He is a little worried because they are back to back. I really want him to do both. Why? Well, I don't wont to keep him from church camp and I really want him to get his BSA Lifeguard. This will be his last summer to get to go to scout camp. He will be able to come home a few days between and he has his cell phone. Also, boy scout camp is only 15 minutes from the house, so I could go see him everyday if he wanted me to. I don't wont him to have any regrets and enjoy his childhood to the fullest.
Okay to the Trip of a Life Time.
I got a phone call today and one of the scout maters told me that he really wanted Aron to go to Wyoming for a service project. He also told me that Aron's trip was paid for. Yep! That's right, Paid in full! Also, during the trip Aron would have a chance to go to Yellowstone National Park. He has always wanted to go there. When I called Aron over at my mom's and told him, I was expecting him to say, Well, that would make me be gone almost 3 weeks in a row from home. NO! He said, I already know about this and I can't go because I will have to fly on a plane. I said, baby, if I go, will you? He said, NO! I would have to fly! Now, you just have to understand Aron. He is my child if he is pushed to do something, he comes to a halt! He takes his time doing everything, he does things one thing at a time and thinks things through very careful. The only thing is he will not take chances and lets his anxieties stop him from doing things. (Now me, I'm the complete opposite! I have 2 speeds, full speed or dead stop and I let my anxieties push me) I don't always know how to get Aron motivated most of the time because I don't know how he thinks. If he is pushed in school work or anything else, he just freezes up and wont do it, no matter what. I really wish we could work it out and he would go. He says he really wants to, but the plane is a no! Like I said before, I don't want him to have any regrets and I want him to enjoy life now while he is still young. I just don't know what to do. If anyone that is looking from the outside can give me any ideas, I really would appreciate it.
Ps. Doing service projects will help Aron get scholarships, so I wish he would go. Plus, I think if he would look beyond his fears and let the excitement of what can do move him instead of the fear stopping him, he would really enjoy himself to the fullest.
(If this was my other 2, I would have no problems)
Thank You!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today is a Blessed Day! 3 Times Blessed!

1st. I would like to thank June Bug for sending such sweet gifts to my little girl. That little sheep that she said would find a new home, it did! In Pontotoc, Ms to my little girl, because June Bug loves how she says SWEEEEET! She also sent KB a little tote from Bath & body works, American Girl, Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon Bubble Bath (Which KB LOVES and said she would share with me) and Lip Licious, Tasty Lip Color, Cotton Candy lip gloss. (Cotton candy and pink is her favorite!)

Here is a video from KB to June Bug.

Also, here are some pictures of these wonderful gifts!

Here is a copy of the Beautiful card... (click on the image to make bigger for viewing)

2nd. I finally found the book I have looking for. I have been looking for this book for 10 years! Now, I just need to go buy it when I get the money.

Numbers in the Bible : God's Unique Design in Biblical Numbers (Paperback)
by Robert D. Johnston (Author)

3rd. My mom is doing a lot better! I will not have to go everyday. I have just been taking it easy the last few days. I really need to do a lot of work here that I have not been able to take care of in the last 6-7 weeks. Give me a few more days and I'll hopefully get my life back on track. I still will have to go do the major house cleaning at her house, but I have been doing that for 6 months and don't mind. It also will be easier than everyday.
Please don't take me wrong, I'm not complaining at all and don't anyone to feel sorry for me.

Hope Ya'll Have a Wonderful & Happy Week!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

We got snow last week!!!

I know it may not be exciting for a lot of you, but it was for me. We had the best snow we had in years last week. It only lasted till dinner the next day and we are back to the 70's with thunderstorms this week, but it sure was pretty while it lasted. The kids had a ball! I wish I had my mom's camera for I could show the few pics I got of Aron playing in it. He has been staying with my mom a lot at night when my baby brother can't be there.
(This snow was big and no ice, which is not all that normal around here. We get more ice than snow most of the time, if we get anything.) This was our first big snow (big to us) since we moved in this house almost 9 years ago.

Here is my van the next morning. The kids had took all the snow off that night, but it still snowed enough to recover it the next morning.

Here's Kb's snow angel.

Even momma's dog Topper enjoyed playing.

Here's Kb with a big snow ball

Here's Josh shooting his BB gun.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My computer has gone stupid and I'm a Chicken!

I have no idea what started my computer going crazy, I'm hoping that I have it fixed now. Right in the middle of me trying to fix it, I pushed the wrong button and the computer started deleting files like crazy! I had to reinstall almost everything! Windows, Internet Explorer, my camera and others that I can't remember. I liked to had a duck! I think my husband that don't know anything about computers started the mess, but I'm not for sure and AM not going to fuss! I'm just glad I got it fixed.

Okay! About me being chicken. As most of yall might remember that I had said I was going to chop all my hair off and give it to "Locks of Love". Well, I didn't think about me getting my hair trimmed in December because momma wanted me to. So, when I went to get it cut the lady was going to have to cut my hair really short!!! I was okay at first, well, till she started cutting. I Chickened out. I did chop a lot off, but couldn't cut that much off. I started crying and thankfully the girl knew me real well and told me not to worry. She asked if I wanted to wait a little longer, but I told her no. Because my hair was getting on my nerves. So, she cut it just below my shoulders and gave me long layers so it would give my hair some lift. It was so flat and heavy. I really hate that I Chickened out, but I'm so glad I got a lot of that mess off my head.
Here is my new look......

Friday, March 07, 2008

Videos from Teen Talent 2008

This is my oldest. We got our results from the judges today and they said he did really great except he missed a few cords. Well, I think he did pretty good with a hurt arm and has only been playing since September 2007.

This is a girl off the teen team. She is doing a human video. She got 1st place!

This is the skit the kids won 1st place on. It is really a great message and funny!

Teen Talent 2008

Here are pictures of the kids at teen talent. My josh won 1st place in textiles and the other picture is were they won 1st place in the skit. The skit has a very good message and is really funny. I have the videos below.

I should have someone with momma tomorrow so, hopefully I can come visit all or most of my friends.
Take care and have a wonderful day!

Ps. For some reason the videos did not upload, I will try later.