Friday, November 23, 2007

Maw's yesterday

Gosh! I really hate it happened and probably knew it would way down, but I just love going to Maw's. Maybe I was just hoping nothing would happen, but it did. Aron and I got down Maw's and I went in and helped a little to finish up. Things were going well. As some of you may know My brother in law's wife from HELL! I knew she would be there and I really try to stay away from her, but I can't keep the kids from Maw. She kept giving me little digs, but I ignored them and since I heard her and my niece Samantha (Sam) (the one that I keep her kids all the time and drives me up the wall) say they were going to my brother in law's house after they eat I felt that the day would be fine. Boy!, was I ever wrong. Sam Mc Had been at my house while I was at the church doing plates and when I got home I decided to upload the kids school pictures I had got in the mail that day. When I did I found a picture of her in her bra and panties. Her Uncle Dan hit the roof! So, he told maw maw (his mom -the one that raised her and the one she lives with now-the one that raises her kids now)So, after all the men went back hunting Sam Mc came back to Maw's and maw maw got on to her. Well, I was in the van smoking, because it was too cold to stand out side, when she came up and jumped all down my throat and threatened to whoop me. I was on the phone wishing one of my brothers a Happy Thanksgiving since I don't see my family on that day. I called Dan Dan then he calls his mom. Mom goes down to David's house to take care of her. I thought everything might be okay, but had told my kids that if Sam Mc came back out there to start something we were going home. I should have fixed us a plate and hugged Maw and left right then, but the kids wanted to play. Not even 30 minutes later the lady from HELL and Sam Mc came back with the lady's from Hell lap top. Shoving it my face asking me which one of those pictures was on my computer. I told Sam not to get all up in my cheerios and got up and left! I left all my stuff there, but got my kids! I called Dan Dan and told him I was not baby sitting for Sam any more and she is NOT allowed back at MY HOUSE! The kids and I can't even go to Maw's and enjoy everybody, This happens every time. I hate to keep the kids from maws Christmas and maw maw Irene's Christmas, but Sam Mc and the lady from HELL will be there. I have done so much for Sam and she can be so mean! I have tried to forgive the Lady from HELL, but she makes it soooooooooooo hard! I'm still mad! Grap! I will be worried till Christmas! Why can't they just disappear, oh I mean leave me alone for them 2 days a year. If they was to do it anywhere else I could handle it, but not at Maw's. I'm not going to start nothing and get into it with them there. No Way! Maybe one week end we can down Maw's and visit before Christmas, but the Lady from HELL lives next door.
I can't seem to end this little rant and up set so I just need to stop! I need to go get a bath and go to my mom's. At least I know the Lady from HELL and Sam Mc wont be there!
Here's to better days!


Holly said...

((hugs)) I'm so sorry.

Ami said...

Oh Kitten, I'm sorry.
I stayed away from family yesterday and they still managed to piss me off, so know you're not alone.


Heather said...

Oh, Kitten! I'm so sorry you had such a rotten Thanksgiving. My inlaws are like this - they take a holiday designed to bring family closer together and turn it into a dysfunction circus until I never want to see them again. I know you want your kids to see their family, but you have to think of yourself too. It's not good for them to see their mom being verbally abused and dumped on either.

Here's to better holidays for your family! (((HUGS)))

janjanmom said...

Sometimes family is soooo hard.

I hope your feathers get smoothed back down soon. (along with everyone elses!)

dawn said...

I am so sorry your Thanksgiving turned out the way it did. I hope things get better, and Dan Dan steps in like he did at that function. Hopefully you will have a good time at your families dinner tomorrow.