Sunday, January 22, 2012

Today has very Peaceful

Instead of wasting my whole day being lazy I did do a little house cleaning. If I knew what my day will hold tomorrow I may not of touched the house. I called my nieces to see if I would have any of the kids. They said that I wouldn't, but you never know around here. LOL!
My momma always use to tell me that I was her "WILD CHILD", so I guess I have a "WILD HOUSE HOLD". Even though I wonder if there will be more than one day of quite around here. LOL!
I do LOVE everyone that comes through here, but on the other hand I do get tired and need more me time. And, most definitely need to do more school with KB.
I'm glad the stress of baby Isabella is over, maybe things can turn back to some of what we call normal. I have tried for 2 days to write a post about the deal and get some input or advice on one certain thing. But, something would happen every time. Once I tried to post it and it messed up and for some reason half the post disappeared. The 2nd time KB kept begging for the lap top, so I just figured I would do it later. Today I just never got around to it. Hopefully I can get it up tomorrow.
I'm not sure if I have said this, but I'm glad to be back blogging. Many of ya'll crossed my mind often and I wondered how ya'll were, but I just couldn't do the things I wanted.
Peace< Love & Happiness to ya!
Have a Blessed Day!

Friday, January 20, 2012

The results are in

My son is NOT the daddy. Now, I need to know how to handle him. He is gonna be crushed.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My nerves are just about Shot................

Yes, she is cute and I just wanna pinch those checks, but still don't know the results of the DNA. Plus, Daniel is a lot better, but not 100%. I have not called the oral surgeon yet. Yes, I know! Shame on me, but this week has been crazy with the baby being born Monday. Today I had a 4 mth old, 9mth old, 2yr old, 3yr old and 4yr old. So, hopefully tomorrow I will not have so many and I will call the oral surgeon. I know one thing is for sure, I better call the Dr before I get the call about the DNA results.
Hope you all have a Blessed Night!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

She is here!

7lbs 7 oz. 17.5 inches long. Welcome Isabella Grace! DOB-1/16/12 @ 9:38 pm
She is very beautiful even if she our grand baby or not. We will get the results of the DNA no later than Friday.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My husband has been sick all week

Dan woke up last Sunday with a high fever. We couldn't figure out what causing it. No coughing, no throwing up, no clue at all. Monday his face started swelling, but it was not his teeth. Took him to the Dr and I thought our Dr was gonna stand on his head because he said Dan needed to be in the hospital. I had took him to our local ER and after 7 hours we still have not seen a Dr. So, at 5 am Tuesday morning we went home and got 2 hours sleep. After our 2 hours sleep we went to our local Dr. After our Dr stood on his head he gave Dan 2 shots and 2 different kinds of antibiotics. He told us if the swelling in his face was not better by morning to call him back. Dan's face went down some Wednesday morning, but about 4 pm that Wednesday is was swelling even worse than the 1st time. I called the Dr and he told me to take him to the Tupelo Hospital instead of our local one. They gave Dan 2 bags of antibiotics by IV and told us to come back the next day and let him be checked. So, at 8 o'clock the next night we went back. The Dr we was suppose to see still haven't made it in and the Dr we saw labeled Dan right off the bat and told us to go see a dentist. OK! Dan has been diagnosed with facial cellulitis and he tells us to go to a dentist. Friday morning I take Dan back to Tupelo ER after I call our Dr. The Dr on call finally took us serious and gave Dan more meds. We have to call a oral surgeon Monday to make an apt because the infection in his face has no escape route and it needs to be cleaned. He had a rough day yesterday and I'm not sure about today yet because he is still in the bed. I'm ready for him to feel better. He is worse than the kids. LOL!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

This goes with my post below

Don Williams - Lord, I hope this day is good
Litening to Don Williams has helped me a lot here the last month.

Sorry I haven't been around since....

I lost momma 1/11/10. I have been keeping myself really busy. To the point of over load! My older brother, Mike, got busted for a meth lab 2 weeks after our mother past. I spent almost all my time and energy trying to help him and his wife. I couldn't even grieve over momma because I was so focused on Mike. In March when momma's money came in, Mike's wife, started trying to put a wedge between Mike and I. Well, when the money was gone and Mike was gone to the pen she put the ultimate wedge between us. He went to the pen in June 2010 and was home by that Dec. I have seen him twice since June 2010. I'm the only one in the family not allowed to talk to him.
Feb. 2011 my great nephew was diagnosed with cancer the day before his 2nd birthday. I started helping my niece out with her other 2 kids. Through the summer I help keep Fisher and his 2 brothers, plus I got where I was keeping other great nieces and nephews to help my family out. (My great nephew is cancer free and doing really well.) When school started I thought my life would slow, but NAW, no such luck!
Let me back up to the day before Mother's Day 2011. My middle child lost his virginity. About 6 weeks after that I got a phone call saying that the little girl was pregnant. So, in the middle of keeping all these kids we was dealing with that and helping the girl all we could. After the little girl found out she was having a girl she has started cutting us out of the picture. Well, to make a really long story short because I would have a book if I wrote it all out. LOL! Okay, back on track. I have a lawyer and have called DNA people and in less than 3 weeks I may or may not be grand maw.
In the middle of all that my brother in law's (Dan's brother!)girlfriend called DHS on me and my nieces ex sister in law also called them on me to get to my niece. Yes, DHS got 2 phone calls on me in 1 day. The list was a mile long. I did fail the day came. Why? Well, I spent 3 or more days trying to help my brother in law and his girlfriend out that I didn't touch my house in a few days and when she got to my house there was popcorn all in the floor because I had 4 or 5 kids. LOL! The big topper was that Dan had a deer head on the front porch. Since he has got down in his back he can't do as much in day and after pulling that deer out of the woods he couldn't do much else. He was gonna take it off when he left the next day, but he forgot because he was hurting so bad. Now, it has been 3 mths and DHS has not come back by. That drives me nuts! Cause I feel I should be up cleaning from the time I get up till the time I go to bed.
Now, all that has got me where I am today. A couple weeks ago I cried my eyes out over missing momma and Mike. (Remember, I lost 2 precious people in 2011) After my crying spell I realized I was headed for crash and burn. After some long soul searching I am now learning to take a few mins a day and working on moving up from there.
Life is to short! We can either let others define us or we define our self. I was letting others define me and it was tearing me up in side and showing really loud on the outside. I have decided to stop letting others define me and over look every body's BS and sit back and enjoy letting the Lord take care of my problems. Now, I'm not perfect so I'm only letting go a little at a time. I know I need to let it all go, but at least I'm on the right track.
Peace, Love & Happiness to all!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Love, Peace & Happiness

That is how I feel today. I don't have any of my great nephews or nieces here today, so I will be cleaning house and learning to take a moment for myself. Instead of I got to get it done! I got to get it done!
Ya'll Have a Blessed Day!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Thoughts for today

“I can accept failure,
but I can’t accept not trying.”

~ Michael Jordan

Love, Peace & Happiness 2 ya!

Monday, January 02, 2012

The Gentleness Challenge

For Mommies with Tempers - come join the Gentleness Challenge - you are not alone!​2012/01/​introducing-the-gentleness-chal​lenge/