Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sleep Study

Well, as most of ya can tell I came home early from my sleep study. Yes, that means I have sleep apnea and will have to go back December 6th to get my machine fixed for me and do the day time study for my narcolepsy. Now I just got use to this machine. He said that my over all stop breathing was not that bad. He said that it was only during REM sleep when I was at my worse. He said I would stop breathing up 40 times in an hour. He said he could tell by my REM sleep that I have narcolepsy, which I didn't understand, but would have to get my sleep apnea under control before he can treat the narcolepsy. I know that there people who have worse sleep apnea than me, but the Dr. was concerned over my REM sleep. He said I dreamed a lot! I guess I have something else to study for I can understand.
I can't help that I'm way. Every time something pops up that I don't understand I dig and dig till I do.


dawn said...

Sirdar has sleep apnea and has had a CPAP machine for many years. I don't think he has other sleep problems, but he did say he didn't get much sleep last night, I think his mind was working overtime. Anyway, I hope they get the apnea under control to work on the nympholepsy. That should help with getting things done. Lack of sleep does drain the energy.

Heather K. said...

My grandma has narcolepsy. She will be talking to you and fall asleep mid sentence. Then she'll wake up 5 minutes later and pick up where she left off. She doesn't even realize she's doing it.

I have problems sleeping, but nothing medical. I hope they figure things out soon and you can get some sleep.

Holly said...

Good luck with your sleep study. Get some rest ;-).

GailV said...

My neighbor has sleep apnea and narcolepsy. He hates his machine and refuses to use it, which drives his wife nuts. But, hey, he's nearly 90, so I guess he can do what he wants.

Hugs to you, and take care of yourself.