Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Easy recipes

This week I'm gonna post some easy recipes that don't take long. So, if any one would like to share, please do. ( It's for a friend)
Cowboy Casserole:
4-5 potatoes cut up in cubes and boil (Some like to peel their potatoes, but I like mine on) Salt and pepper to taste while cooking.
While taters are cooking brown and scramble 1 lb of hamburger meat(season to taste while cooking). Drain grease and set aside till taters are done. When taters are done drain water off and put in a big casserole dish. Then put hamburger meat on top of potatoes. Open 3 cans of pork & beans and add with 1 can dice tomatoes, then put on top of hamburger meat.
Put in oven @ 400 degree for 20 mins.
Ps. Sometimes we just eat that as a meal because you have beans, potatoes and meat. Maybe with roll, corn bread or your bread of choice. Sometimes I cook corn on the side. (MY Kids Love corn.)


Lisa said...

My grandmother use to make that but without the potatos. My brothers wouldn't eat chili beans, so she made that and called it chili...my fav. quite recipe, saute onion and zuchinni, add hamburger, fry that up and a box of mac n cheese.

Lisa said...

I mean quick recipe, not quite, I need more coffee

Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said...

Mmmmm, this sounds yummy (and it's almost lunch time, so my stomach's growling!).

I like one-dish wonders :)...my kids, not so much so :/.

Fourmother said...

Sounds yummy. The only thing I'd add would be cheese. I love cheese! By the way, thank you for my award and your kind words.

dawn said...

My kids love corn too. My son would hate the casserole as he does not like beans. I might try a version of it sometime. We make mac n cheese casserole. I boil water, add broccoli and/or cauliflower and macaroni. When cooked, drain and add browned hamburger to which is add chopped red peppers, onion and garlic (the last items are fried with the burger some,or I don't add those items depending on time). Add cheese whiz, cream cheese or what ever cheese you like, and some herbs or spices to taste (I like Greek seasoning). Serve with grated cheddar or Parmesan cheese.