Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kid's of today

I have read a few people's blogs lately where they have been talking about how the kid's of today are.
One was talking about how they don't remember their parents playing with them, but had satisfaction out of it. Plus how guilty they feel when they don't play with their own.
Another wrote how parents feed their kids fast type foods at supper while the parent eats separate. Also how kids don't use their imagination like we did as kids.
This is so sad but true. I know parents from the home school part and the non home school part that do this. Seems like this life as we live today is so fast that people don't have time for each other or their selves. I myself do not want to go back to the "Good Ole Days", but we do need balance.
The funny things is that my mom and I were talking about this the other day also. I have a few nieces that think they have to have the best cell phone, best clothes, the best this and the best that. But they aren't happy. I told my mom that she was just spoiled! Momma said that mine were too, but in a different way. My kids are spoiled to the attention they get. It's more important to them than material things. Don't get me wrong my kids have games, t.v., computer and such things. I limit it most of the time. When we get up we eat breakfast, take baths and brush our teeth. After that we do school, eat lunch then pitch in and do chores. Sometimes in the afternoon I go outside and play with them but not always. I sit down with each child and give them one on one with school work. Each night one of the kids help me with supper which contains 1 meat, 2-3 veggies, a bread and sometimes a dessert. (More on the meals in a min.) I show pride with each child on their level or interest. I do fall short at times because of life it self can be hard, but for the most part my kids are my world. They can go outside and use their imagination because when they were younger I took time even thou I worked then to show them how to use it or they may choose to play the games. I don't think I do everything perfect and I know I could do better in some parts of my life, but I do know I have gave my kids things that some of my niece and nephews have never got. I'm not trying to knock their parents, but sometimes a child just wants your undivided attention instead of gifts all the time.
Back to our meals.
I also was at a family gathering and someone said that they wished that their kids ate a lot of veggies like mine. Well, if you raise them to eat veggies that will eat it. I know some people that refuse to let their kids have sweets at all. I also know some that only feed their kids what their kids wants. We had a ladies gathering here from the church last Sunday and someone asked me why did I fix such a big meal. They also said I didn't have to spend that kind of money to get attention. I stopped them real fast! With what I fixed and everybody brought was about $20 and their was 13 people here. So, if you divide it up We fed everybody for a little over a $1. If we had drank tea and kool aid it would have been less than that. You really don't have to slave in the kitchen all day to have a decent meal. I plan all of our meals by the week. For supper it takes about an hour to do our whole meal. that's prep and cooking time. One child each night helps make the meal. I can't really explain our steps because it is according to the meal. Most of the time I put 2-3 veggies on fix the bread or the child fixes the bread up while I put the veggies on. Most of the time if we have a dessert the child fixes it while put the meat on. While ever thing is cooking we sit down and watch some TV while it finishes, unless we fry that night then I have to spend more time in the kitchen.
Yes, we fix most of our desserts. It really don't take but a minute to mix up a cake, cookie dough or rice crispy treats. And when you add up our meals we save money.
I guess what I'm tying to say is that we need to drop a few things now and then to give our kids some attention, but also teach them that momma and daddy need their time also. It all about balance! You can go to one extreme or the other, but what are we really teaching our kids and our they and we happy?!?
Just a little more food for thought!


dawn said...

What you say is true. We have balanced meals and our kids know how to cook. They went last night to help cook some meals, and they were astounded that only one or two knew how to do anything. Life is about balance, and that is one of the most important things we can teach our children.

Holly said...

Great post. Jamie has started planning one meal and cooking it (with help) each week. I'm planning a post on that. He actually looks forward to school time because of the undivided attention: no answering the phone, no computer, just me and him. I look forward to it too.

Heather K. said...

N helps with breakfast. She makes the eggs and has burned herself twice. She doesn't want to help anymore. Poor thing. If she would just grow another inch or two it would help a lot. We eat all of our meals together unless I'm having a night out. Then they are eating with their dad.

The thing that I hate about the talk of "kids today" is when my daughter gets labeled immature because she is 9 and doesn't act like today's 9 year old. She still plays pretend, spends a lot of time reading, doesn't care about fashion, and doesn't sware. To me, that isn't immature. It's what I was like at 9. To me it's normal.

Robinella said...

Very well said, Kitten. We are moving towards no special meals for anyone (not that they ate fast food), and my 7yo is asking to help in the kitchen, so I am working on that too.

Oh and we had date night tonight. Mom and Dad are happy. :-)

Cory said...

I'm sure you're right, but it would bother me personally to say it. I'd rather not examine other parenting techniques because I am very adamant that MY parenting is right for MY child and it's no one else's business what I do. So if I admonish someone else, it would be as if I was saying I was open to critique also...and I'm not. We're fine and happy ;-)

Blue Momma said...

Hey, I don't have your email address so I'm answering your question here. Someone has FM for the week after me and I think someone has it for the week after that! Try Anglophile Football Fanatic as I think she's the one for week after next.