Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dawn won!

Here is my UGLY towels!

I'm so glad Dawn won the contest at TeaMouse at Tea Time Ramblings is having a runner up. I didn't pull for my self at 1st, I pulled for Dawn. But now that TeaMouse is having a runner up, I'm asking you to go vote for me if you will.
I need a nap! Can't come up with nothing exciting. Maybe later.


TeaMouse said...

Good idea, maybe you'll get the runner up prize - I'm glad you had fun with the contest.

Holly said...

Voted for you, good luck.

dawn said...

I voted for you. I find it interesting, what I think is a different interpretation of dish cloth. I see you have towels, and a few people commented on my blog about towels, but really dishcloths here means the little square things used for washing dishes. Your towels do look rather scruffy, and I hope you get the runner up prize or is it over, I haven't checked.