Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Foil Hats

Yes, that's what I said, Foil Hats! My friend Amy over at aked her friends to make a foil hat. Here is her post.... also a few days later here is what she said....Foil Hat Alert
Tuesday, Nov 13, 2007
Here is something you should all know. Foil Hats are real, it says so. More reason than ever to help me with my foil hat building contest.

I feel bad that it has took me so long, but I woke up this morning with foil hats on the brain. So, instead of starting right on my novel before everybody gets up I made foil hats. My husband asked me if I was worried about an alien invasion. I laughed and said nope! I'm doing this for Amy. He shook his head and walked out the door for work. Well, when my nephews got here I couldn't get them to try on my hats so I woke up KB. Bless her heart! So, here are my fiol Hats!

Okay, on the flat looking one I took a bowl got its shape then pressed the foil on the inside then I pressed the outside to make the rim.
Okay the one I call the Peter Pan hat which looks more like the sails on a boat. I just followed the instructions on making a Peter Pan hat.
Now the cone one, here is the instructions I got online, but didn't work as well as I thought.

So!, there you have it folks! My foil hats! Try it! I really fun!


Holly said...

Great hats! I'm enjoying your thankful posts as well.

Heather K. said...

I am going to make one. He-He I have it all planned out. I'll post it when its finished.

Robinella said...

So funny. I forgot about making these.

Debs said...

Those are cute. I might have to make me one. :D

dawn said...

Those are funny. I have visited the foil hat lady a couple of times. Good job on the hats.