Thursday, November 08, 2007

Go check out tea mouse's blog

Tea Mouse was nice enough to have a contest here while back and Dawn @ won a whole year of dish cloths. I thought it would be really nice if we did something for her. Go here: (You'll have to copy and paste) follow the link and vote for her. She does beautiful work and I think it would be really nice for us do her a favor in return of her kindness. So, what are your waiting for? Go! And don't drool all over your key board when you get there and see her work!
Thank ya! & Hope you have a happy!


dawn said...

That is wonderful of you to add this on your blog. I went over to the other blog and put in a good word for her also. Thanks again for supporting my endeavours of getting new dishcloths, and thanks for clarifying about the towels, I was confused, as others referred to towels in my comments column. I will email about Thursday Thirteen.

Holly said...

I tired to do this and my computer crashed. I'm going to giv it another shot this a.m.