Monday, January 22, 2007

KB's fish

My little girl has decided to collect fish. She is very fascinated about them. So we did a little research on her new little friends. That's another good thing about Homeschooling, you can use your kids interest as a part of learning. Here's a few things we have learned.........

A freshwater fish. Ornamental aquarium and pond fish (Carassius auratus) of the carp family, native to East Asia but introduced into many other areas. The goldfish was domesticated by the Chinese at least as early as the Song dynasty (960–1279). It is naturally greenish brown or gray, but its colour varies. Selective breeding has produced more than 125 breeds, including the veil tail, with a three-lobed, flowing tail, and the common, pet-shop comet. They feed on plants and small animals and, in captivity, on small crustaceans and other foods. They have become naturalized in many parts of the eastern U.S.

Goldfish are amongst the hardiest of all fish, which no doubt contributes to their popularity. Give a goldfish a good sized aquarium, well filtered water, a few plants with several pebbles and sand on the bottom and it will be much healthier, happier and live longer. With a little care and attention the tank will also become more interesting and an attractive focal point in the home .
Water quality Water is not only the environment in which fish live - it is the 'air' they breathe. Pay regular attention to the water and your fish will thrive. Ideally you should allow at least two gallons of water per fish. More once your fish grow over a few inches long. If you don't have in-tank filtration, water changes should be carried out every week - about 30 % of the volume. Even if you do have a good filter unit you should still carry out a 30 % water change every 2 or 3 weeks. Use tap water, ideally mixed with a little hot water to warm it to room temperature. You should also add tap water de-chlorinator before you pour the water into the aquarium.
Feeding your Goldfish To stay healthy, active and colourful Goldfish need a regular balanced intake of a range of essential nutrients. The best and easiest way of providing these is with a complete, balanced diet. AQUARIAN Goldfish Flakes have been specially formulated to provide all the nutrients goldfish and other cold water fish require-ensuring excellent growth, long life, less pollution and reduced stress.
How Often? How Much? Ideally you should feed your fish every morning and evening. Sprinkle a few flakes on the water. If they are eaten within a few minutes give a little more food. If the fish stop feeding, or after about 15 minutes, remove any uneaten food with a small net.
Health care Many fancy Goldfish are prone to swim bladder problems. This susceptibility is in part due to the selective breeding process, which shortened the body and hence the swim bladder of varieties such as the Oranda and Black Moor. This is, however, made worse by poor water conditions, overfeeding and sometimes by low water temperatures. Fish showing signs of disorientation can be helped by ensuring that they are kept in good quality water, with frequent water changes, and by installing a small heater thermostat to keep the temperature at about 20 C.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Falling a little behind on my New Year's Resoultion

Thanks to my friend kiwi from the Denim Jumper she gave the boost
I needed to stay on track to loose weight and get in shape, but I'm falling
behind on the me time. I guess it a little hard with working the hours I am for now.
Hopefully they will get shit straight at work and I can go ahead and quit. I know we
need the money, but whats more important? My kids and my health or money? Well
I choose the 1st one. Now if my job will just hire someone. I don't like who I have been
because of being so tired and stressed, but I guess it will all work out, it always does.
Another big thanks to my friend kiwi!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm stressed to the gill(Part 1)

I have been soo stressed lately its not even funny. Before Christmas I was working every week end and schooling all week. On top of that we go to theropy 2 days a week, co-op on Wed., being momma, wife, cleaning house and all the other things that go with being with a women. I thought that through Christmas break I could get a break. Boy was I wrong. I worked 2 weeks 40hrs and the 3rd week they had me at 30 hrs, but I told them I couldn't work that Wed.(I was too tired) My husband was having surgery that Friday and they where trying to work me through the week. I told them that I would work that Sunday to make up Wed., but I called in cause of Dan Dan wasn't able for me to leave. SO, This week after school has started they got me down for 40 hrs. I can keep this up, but don't want to leave them hanging. It's gotton to the point where I'm snappy and tell people off in a heart beat. I'm blunt and upfront, but I'm a big ole softee so I don't go off like I have lately. I guess in way its a good thing to keep people running over me, but in a way it's not. Well, I'm gonna come back later and finish this little vent cause I got to take the kids to theropy.

Monday, January 08, 2007

My oldest

My oldest child has a chance to go to a school his 11th and 12th grade for gifted kids.
It's mainly science and math. If he goes he can get a 2yr scholarship at Mississippi State.
But there are a few problems to this and I have till next fall to weigh 'em out, 'cause if we are gonna let him go to this school, we will have to sign him up this fall.
Here are few of the proplems..........(1) The school is 3 hrs away from home and he will only be 15 &16. (2) My husband is an Ole Miss fan. (3) He's gonna be soo young when he's able to finish I wanted him to go to a JR first.
Besides the 2yr scholarship this school will be free also, but that's so far for my baby. But on the other hand I don't want to hold him back.
If any one has any suggestions I would appreciate it.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

My vent for today!

One thing that really gripes my rear end is people that brown nose and people that don't know how to be their self.
Let me make myself more clear. Here's just one example.......(I could give a 100 but I'll just give one. Ha!) The other day I was at work and this big boss of the stores come through. Our manger fusses about her all the time but while she is there MS Betty is her best friend and she keeps telling we got to do this and that, act like this or that and do this or that. I'm like oh Hell no. Take me as I am or don't take me at all. I don't kiss up and I'm me. If you don't like me or how I do things then thats your problem. I was standing there taking a few minute break and she told me I needed to put out my cig. I said, NO I'm taking a break. MS Betty said that the lady could write me up if she don't like it. Then MS Betty comes over and puts my cig out. I flew off the handel. I do a dang good job and I'm not going to pretend to be someone I'm not.
This issue has been a thorn in my ass for sometime now. I know that my DJ friends have noticed my sig line, but this one time just really pissed me off.
PS> Last night when I was really up set I had alot more to say, but one problem I have once I go to sleep I'm over what was bothering me. Maybe if something else triggers this pitpeeve I'll come back and really vent!

My New Years Resolutions

I 've got two things I want to try and do this year. One is do more blogging(having more me time) 2nd is to try loose wieght and get in shape. Two of my buddies on The Demin Jumper and I are gonna work on the wieght thing together. The other I got to do own my own. I feel if I take a little time everyday to put my thoughts, feelings and concerns in my blog it will help me to let out a little stress and help me stay more focused.