Saturday, November 24, 2007

Today's Rmambelings

I went to momma's yesterday and cleaned her house and did a lot of the prep work on what she will cook today. I came home and made some potato salad, a pecan pie, and sweet potatoes. I copied the wrong pecan pie recipe, I think momma did it on purpose because she likes brown sugar. She called me today and told me to go a head and cook the pecan pie with Karo. I guess we are going to see which way is better. I can tell you right now my family is gonna like the one with Karo, but they could prove me wrong. LOL! I bet both will taste good it just depends if you prefer Karo or brown sugar. It's no biggie, we was gonna need 2 pies anyways. I'll be leaving for mom's in about 45 minutes, so I thought while the other pie cooked I would sit down and do my blog. I had a little mix left after making the pie and didn't want to waste it. So, I made up biscuit dough and rolled it real thin. Put it in a muffin pan and filled the dough with the mix off the pecan pie, then closed the top off. I'll let yall know if this works or not either tonight when I get back or if its too late I'll let ya know when I post in the morning.
Either tonight or in the morning (more than likely in the morning) I'm going to post some of my holiday recipes. Don't have time right now. Momma and I found a new recipe for crock pot dressing. Even thou I don't care for dressing this taste good. Plus I like the idea of having your oven free. I know that Thanksgiving day is over but if you like you can try some of these recipes at Christmas.
I really hope yall have a Wonderful day!


dawn said...

What is Karo? I have not heard of it. I think either pie would be good, because it is pie. I hope you had a good time with your family today.

Holly said...

Hope you're o.k. Been thinking of you.