Friday, November 02, 2007

Check out my Guestbook!

I will keep this at the top of my blog for about a month or so to give everyone that will, time to sign my guest book. To read my other post go below this one.
Thank You!


kitten said...

Since I homeschool and all, I thought it would be cool to have people from all over to sign my quest book to give my kids a since of how it is and how others are in different places.
Thank Ya!

Heather K. said...

Great idea. My kids love knowing that they aren't the only kids out there homeschooled. It helps them to know that kids are learning at home all around the world.

dawn said...

This is a good idea. I will come back tomorrow and take a closer look at your posts. I am feeling tired now and need to quit the computer for now. Bye til tomorrow.

karisma said...

Woops, my picture did not seem to work.