Sunday, December 13, 2009

I can't beblieve this year is about gone.

I have been running around in such fast pace that, I could barely keep up with myself. Then Wednesday my world changed again.
Momma went into respiratory arrest. The 1st Dr was sugar coating everything and had us to believe momma would be off the vent by Monday. But, I knew she didn’t look or seem to be doing as well as he tried to make us believe. Last night one of the Lung Doctors from the clinic she goes to called us in to talk about what was going on and what to expect.
He said that we were looking at another week on the vent. If she is still with us at that time, but not able to come off the vent, then they will have to trach her. He said if they have to trach her and she has to stay on the machine for weeks or even months, then we would have to put her in a long-term health care. If she gets to the point where at anytime during that she is able to come off the vent, then we could bring her home. Now, this is worse case scenario. No matter which direction this takes us things are going to be different as far as momma’s health care.
Please keep my family and me in your thoughts.
Maybe with momma being in the hospital I may have some more computer time, but one never knows.
I do miss each and everyone very much!