Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My brothers, momma & I

Click on piture to get a better view.

This picture was took Easter 2006. We haven't changed much. I was looking at this picture the other day thinking how much we have changed since we were little except our closeness. The little skinny one next to me is my baby brother David (Da da) (sounds like day day) He will always be my baby and he will tell you so. LOL! The one behind me in the sorta green shirt is my Sam. He's the one I call my rock. People have said we could pass for twins. The cocky one behind momma is Mike. All I can say is he's my Mike! Dada has never been no bigger than nothing and he is as sweet as they come. I'm not just saying that because he's my brother, he really is one of a kind.He is a mixture of Sam & my personality and Mikes. I almost lost him 5-6 years ago because of some stupid heifer. She got pregnant with his baby then got all stoopid! She got on drugs, aborted his baby and hurt him real bad. Not only that, she kept calling him after she lost her job. She called him one night and asked him to bring him some cigarettes and a movie. Well, him being so soft hearted he did. Little did he know she had set him up. While he was sitting there watching a movie 10 guys walked in and beat him almost to death. She did have a little heart she picked him up and put him a car and pushed him out at the E.R. His face is almost all steel plates. But all that is behind us now and I still have my little bro. Sam is the oldest of momma's. Believe it or not him and me have never fought. I can't say that for any of my other brothers. I guess it's because we are so much a like. We both are most of the time happy go lucky and are the loudest of momma's 4. Now, we have disagreed, but never fought. I almost lost him a few years back also. He had a aneurysm. For almost a month he didn't know he was in this world. I stayed the whole month with him and boy!, what a trip! We hunted I don't know how many deer on his bed, looking for rabbits in the hall at 2 A.M. and so much other stuff that are funny now. I'm just thankful that he is completely back to his old self. The Dr. said that most die and he should have because of the amount of blood and all or they don't hardly become back to their self. Now, my brother Mike. He is the quite on and the most backward, but I love him just as much as the others. He's the one that when I'm going through a hard time he will drop by and will not admit that he is checking on me, but will give me little things that wouldn't mean much to anybody, but me. One year he came by and gave me a website wrote down on a sheet a paper. You would of thought he spent a lot of money on me. When Mike and I were young we fought like cats and dogs. Now we just walk off and let each other cool down. Now, my mom. When I was younger we had our battles, but now she is my best friend. I didn't say we didn't get on each other's nerves, but now we respect the other. I have almost lost my mom 3 times in the past 2 years and she always get really bad in December. I guess that's why I'm looking into my life with my brothers and mom. I'm just so thankful for them.
Now, I can't leave out my daddy's oldest living child, Rory. He is not pictured with us and it's not because my momma didn't invite him, but he was on the road. I almost lost him this year. I had to go to NC where he was in the hospital. Luckly we only stayed a week. He's doing some better, but if he don't get his Cholesterol down they may take his CDLs.
So, there you go. A little look into my life. We may not always have much, but at least we can say we have each other.


Holly said...

Family is a good thing to be thankful for. Funny how when you have kids, you are more thankful for the family you have. At least, I was.

dawn said...

Family is awesome and so often we take family for granted. I think it is good to be thankful every day for family, because we don't know when they will be gone. Thanks for the glimpse into your life.

Ami said...

I have two brothers. Both of them are great guys, and completely different from one another.

Your post made me think it's been too long since I talked to Steve, but I talked to Jim last week.