Saturday, September 01, 2007

The letter C

(edited for personal reasons)***************************
"C" is also for cooking in which I love to do. But for some reason I have lost that desire here in the last year. For cooking to be such a passion of mine it really bothers me to have lost my desire. I really have to make my self cook and seem to flop a lot. Even on the simple stuff. I have always had an imagination when it comes to cooking. It's sorta like writer's block. Ya'll are the 1st to know, even thou I know my family notices and suffers so. I guess I was hoping that my dear cyber friends could help me in my little cramp and get me out of "The cook's block" or whatever you may call it.

"C" is for CHOCOLATE as most of you would know. I love chocolate in almost every form, shape or size. I would rather have dark chocolate. I just love dark chocolate Cordova coffee drinks! They are the bomb!
"C" is also for Christ who lives with in me. No, I'm not perfect by any means, but live my life one day at a time. Here lately life has been hard and my faith grown weak, but Christ reminds me of all the friends I have in the cyber world that help me come out strong. No matter of their back ground, where they come from or what they believe, they are always there for me: all day long.


hsing3kinder said...

That mug of chocolate is so mine! Love it!
This is a wonderful way to share more about you Kitten! Thank you.
And thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog. You are amazingly encouraging!
Take care. ~Kris

Holly said...

The Cook's Illustrated is a great magazine (but super expensive). It's sort of like consumer reports for cooking. I got a deal when I moved, for $20, but I didn't renew because I think it was $50 regularly. Maybe just pick up an issue for inspiration?

It may just be the heat? I can barely even think about cooking until about 7:30. And for some reason, DS is still hungry :-).