Monday, September 10, 2007

2 Recipes for the week

Recipe #1 - Chicken Spaghetti
Ingredients: I use 4 leg quarters (you may choose 3 breast) Boiled.
I use 1 box of spiral noodles (you may choose 1 pack of spaghetti noodles)
1 box of Velveeta cheese
1 can of rotel
Boil your chicken, then set aside to cool. Boil noodles in chicken broth. While noodles are cooking cut up cheese in chunks and put on 4 mins in micro wave. After 4 mins pour in rotel and stir. Turn back on 1 1/2 mins. Pour water off noodles, add cheese/rotel and put the lid on to help melt any cheese not completely melted. After you put lid on, DE skin and DE bone chicken. Put it in with noodles & cheese rotel and stir completely.
I like cutting up a small onion and bell pepper and saute them in a little butter and adding it to my rotel chicken. (not everyone likes it this way, so I only do it at home.)
2nd recipe - Squash dressing
2 cups cooked squash - salt to taste
4 eggs
1 cup of mushroom soup
1/2 pint (8oz) sour cream
1 medium onion
1 cup of grated cheese for top
2 cups corn bread crumbled
1 stick of margarine
Mix eggs, mushroom soup, sour cream, onion, melted margarine, corn bread crumb, and squash. Place in casserole dish, put cheese on top and bake. 350 degrees about 45 minutes to an hour. (Until set and brown on top)

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