Thursday, September 13, 2007


I have 4 brothers living and they all are completely different. Sam (next to oldest)is a lot like me, happy go lucky. Roroy,(the oldest,living) He is a mess. Him and Sam are the one's that pet me most of the time. His wife of 25 years is jealous of me and I have no clue, except we have never fought. I only get to see him maybe 2 times a year, but when we are together, we are something else. MIKE! (The one just older than me.) I just don't get him sometime. He is the quite one and very backward. I'm a little ticked at him at the moment. Poor dude has the worse luck with women than I have ever seen anybody. I'm not gonna say how many times he has been married, but every time, after that one year mark his women turn into "jsdhkljfhdskvhkdvhl" and instead of clinging to family, he runs and wont talk to us. I really thought this one was it. She really fooled me I guess. I don't know what's going on, but he can't say it's not. I have called him for a week and he wont answer. I finally sent his daughter over there to tell him to call. He tried to act like nothing was wrong, but I know better. I really hope it's nothing major, like the last stupid dskfjhdslkfhbldfbliefh, but I don't know. Mike is a really good person, even thou he is backward and for his sake I hope things get good soon. We really need him close because of momma being sick and her only living sibling is in bad shape. Plus, I hate to whoop this one like I did the other one.LOL! Last but sure not least, my youngest brother, David (Dada). He's my honey. Momma said that I spoiled him so bad that he still stinks. LOL! He isn't as happy go lucky as I am, but he is a good man. He had said last year he was getting married this December, but we haven't heard any plans. He better be letting someone know. I don't know if this girl is the one for him or not and I hope she is in a way. The only sad thing about her is she wont be able to have a child with Dada. She has 2 wonder kids, but she started having problems the 1st of this year and had to have a hysterectomy. For Dada, it makes me sad, because the other girl he was engaged to aborted their baby, so he wont have one of his very on. Don't get me wrong, He loves her 2 kids and that says a lot, but I just wish he could have at least one. But if he don't I can live with it if he can.
Well, that's my brothers in a nut shell. I guess I wrote this post because this thing with Mike is bothering me. I don't stick my nose in their business and they don't stick theirs in mine, but we have always been there for one another and it just worries me when one of them are having a hard time.

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