Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The letter N

"N" stands for number. I like the study of Biblical Numerology. It just fascinates me the symbolic meaning behind numbers.
Definition of terms:
Numerology- this word is derived from the Latin numerus, a number and logy, science study. This is employed in the general sense of study of numbers. It is to be distinguished from the term numerics, which according to most dictionaries, may refer to either the general study of numbers or the specific investigation of the mysteries of numbers.
Numeral- this term will generally be employed to designate the figure, letter or word expressing a number.
Number- This is an amount or quantity of units. In many cases it is employed to describe a character or symbol which expresses mathematical values.
"N" also stands for Nickelback. They seem to be a favorite band of mine. The main singer has a beautiful voice and their songs seem to relate so well to life and give very good veiws about a few things in life.

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