Thursday, September 13, 2007

The letter O

"O" Stands for Open. My heart and my life is an open book. OMGees! I guess I should of listen to my mother and closed the book! Ha~ No, I think I like me being an open book most of the time. Some of the down falls, but also the up side come in the same form. Let me explain: It is not easy for me to lie, everyone, well almost everyone can tell when I'm lying. When something happens, is said or whatever, I react then. You can see it on my face and most of all hear it come out of my mouth. I was not listening when momma said keep your mouth shut. Ha~
"O" Also stands for October. Our anniversary will be on the 25th. This year I'm not going to be passive. We have a few new restaurants and this man better take me out! He usually does, I'm just over due for a night out. Also, I guess since we have been married over 15 years, I better stick to it, I'm too old to brake another one in. LOL!

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