Thursday, September 13, 2007

I thought I would share.

I read a post over at Mom is Teaching about how much it cost to home school. Plus I have talked to a lot of over home school mom's, here, TDJ and in my home town. Those of us that don't have a big income or do have multiple kids at different levels, it is hard to buy or get what we need to teach them. The web, the library, book sales and bargain bins have been my best friend. I have found so many web sites from my Internet buddies and a few on my own. I thought I would share some I have used, do use or some I haven't got to yet. I do hope that this will benefit someone. Oh, I do have a few friends that don't home school, but would like to do little extras with their kids to help them improve in school, give them a jump start early in life, or just something to be able to sit down and spend some quality time with them.
Not all are free, but may have free samples or worth the little cost they ask. Also, some of these sites will give you an idea of what you want or need. (This one really helped my little girl learn to read. It is great for kids with dyslexia or just interducing phonics) (This one cost 99 cents for the 1st month and about $10 after that. I use it and it's great! What better way to teach 2 kids for just $10 a month, plus your paper and ink.
I did have more than this, but when I changed computers I forgot to send them to my self.
Hope you enjoy and if anyone has any I don't have listed and would like to share, feel free to.

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