Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Letter M

"M" stands for memories. Memories can be anything you make them be. "We" most of the time rather dwell on nothing but our good memories. But here lately as my kids are getting older I find my self looking back on some of my bad memories. Not to dwell or anything like that. I have been looking back on my old bad memories to try to help my kids not to have some of the same bad memories as I have. Trying to teach them the life long lessons I have learned and why I do some of what I do, for they can have fewer bad memories than me.
"M" also stands for marriage. I have been married to Dan Dan for over 15 years. We have had our good time along with the bad. I would like to say we have had more good than bad. I also feel that we have gotten closer over the past years than we have in our past. We still have our occasional problems like most do, but I'm just glad we have gotten through our immature years. Just in the past year we have realized how different we really are and how that makes us strong in most ways.

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