Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Our 1st day back at school

I was hoping to get my house complete from the remodeling, but I got really sick last week. We don't like much, but I had scheduled us to start school today. Even thou I haven't been able to get all the books I wanted, I still have the good ole web. Plus I already had an outline, so it makes it a little better. Only problem is that I'm out of ink and paper and don't see being able to buy some soon. I guess I'll just have to write almost everything out. Thanks to the web, I don't have to write too much. Plus to start it off, my niece called the morning crying, Aunt Kate I'm in trouble. I wanted so bad to say, what's new, but something told me this time was different. I did in fact tell her I was trying to school then I heard this awful sound. She was throwing up, so I had to go get my 2 nephews. We almost got everything done today and the wildness wasn't as bad as I 1st thought. I guess the boys have been with me so much of their life, that they know what to expect. The oldest is now 3, so he wanted ABC's and color. He don't want to count over 3 thou. LOL! Hopefully tomorrow will be a less hectic and more enjoyable. I was surprised, the kids were just as ready for school as I was.
Well, I better get off to bed, 4:30 am comes fast. (have to get hubby up and off to work, may lay back down and take short nap thou, not sure)
Geeeees! I'm rambling! I know I need to go to bed.
Until next time~


shirleyhill said...

Doncha' love those first days?

Holly said...

You bite your tongue a lot better than I would. Of course, it's easier to say when you're not in the situation.