Thursday, September 20, 2007

The letter R

"R" How many times have you heard your kids or yourself as a kid say, Ready or Not Hear I come? Probably like me, a 100 times over. Well, that is how life hits you at times. But it doesn't holler our to let you know it is fixing to get ya. That just sucks if you ask me. I hate surprises and change, but sometimes you just have to deal with it.
"R" Also stands for reading. I'm not gonna lie. I have never liked to read very much, but always made 100's in school in that area and never understood how. As I've gotten older, started homeschooling, found out my kids and I have dyslexia and so on, I've come to realize the importance it is to everyday life. I have found so many ways to bump my kids and my interest and improve our reading skills. The best way for us is Listen to the book while we read.

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dawn said...

Yes, life can be like that and I hate it too. I don't like surprises that cause me grief. Reading is such an awesome part of life, and something we can cherish.