Monday, September 03, 2007

Best Friend Award

I have so many friends in this cyber world, but I have one person that I have seemed to connect better with than most.I feel that God has put us together for a purpose in our life at this time. I'm not sure if she feels the same, but I just want to take this time to thank her for being more than a friend.
Heather K. ( ) I just want to say Thanks! Your friendship has meant so much to me and you have helped me in ways you probably will never know. I can tell you now that you have given me strength over these last few months. I have been down and you have lifted me up!
Thanks Girl! I really appreciate you!

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Heather K. said...

Bless you. You have touched me, too. How can 2 people so far away, be introduced by the cominality of homeschooling and then find out there is so much more they share? Wow! I thank DJ for introducing us and I thank Poppins for putting us together in my first secret pal session. And I thank you for being who you are and accepting me and everyone else for who they are. The world needs more people like you, babe.