Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Try the ABC meme for school

As a lot of you may know I have been doing a ABC meme. This way you can learn a little more of me and me making memories. Today I told me kids that I wanted them to do a ABC meme. A letter a day with two words for 26 days. I thought this would be good exercise. They thought it would be great. So far so good, but we are only on the letter A. I thinks is great that they were excited about it and I didn't have to pull my hair out. If any of you are having problems getting your kids to write, try this, it may just work.
This is how I set it up... 2 words for each letter and you write what that word means to you.
Example: "A" stands for apple. An apple a day keeps the Dr. a way.
"A" also stand for airplane. I would like to ride in an airplane someday.
So, I hope this helps some of you that have reluctant writers like mine.


dawn said...

I started a similar thing when my oldest was in G 1. I had her and brother cut photos out of catalogues and glue them to a piece of construction paper with the letter in the middle. I think we did most of the letters before it got too old.

nikki said...

would you consider the child reluctant when all he can write is his own name?!?