Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today has been a okay day except for the memory of this day. I can remember to the minute what I was doing. I had just had surgery a few days before and laying on the couch. My hubby just off work and we were watching the 2 kittens we just got. We discovered what we were told to be girls were boys, then all the sudden all this racket came on the TV. We wasn't really watching at 1st, till it caught our attention. I kept asking Dan Dan is this real?!? 911, also is my little brother's birthday. I remember what a grey sad cloud that came over me that day. The phone rang at 9pm and asked what the Heck My Problem was. I was like, Dada, I'm so sorry! I just didn't know how to say Happy Birthday on a day like this, but I guess I should at least be thankful I can still say it to you. Every since then I call him the night before and wish him Happy Birthday.
Every year since the kids and I take out a moment of silence and tell about we have to be thankful for. (Another Day of Thanksgiving) We also talk about the Brave, the moms, dads, and all that died or lost someone on that day.


dawn said...

It was a very sad day. We started watching it on TV, the kids and I. Our youngest was 4 and a half. We called the home school family on our street as I knew they had no TV, and didn't listen to the radio in the morning and invited them over to watch. Her mom was visiting and I brought tea down on a tray, because her mom couldn't do stairs well. We watched for over an hour with her 7 or so kids (some were baby stage and playing). It was (and still is) a sad day indeed.

Holly said...

I spent most of the day in fear. My sister lived in D.C., I taught, and couldn't watch the news, and got very scattered information. It was the end of the day before I heard from her (she was fine of course). But the last thing I heard before I went in was simply that a plane had crashed in D.C.

So many tragedies.