Friday, August 31, 2007

The letter B

"B" is for Bubbles the Buffalo. Yea, that's me. I got that name when I went through Wood Badge in Boy Scouts. When you go through wood badge you are in a group like a den and they give each group an animal name. I was in the buffalo group. I got my name because the ladie leaders said I had a bubbley personality and I stood out.
"B" is also for just bubbles. I love bubbles. They are a lot of fun and you can do a lot with bubbles. Last year we were having a bad week and needed more than a break. So, we took one day out side with bubbles and disscussed all kinds of things with bubbles. We tried to measure them in the air. It's hard but fun! We talked about what makes them float, why they have the rainbow effect in the sun and just out and out had fun.
"B" is also for ballons. I love ballons! I like heart shape ones the best.

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