Thursday, September 20, 2007

My trip to North Carolina

I have no pictures for this trip. I left the family reunion in such a hurry trying to get there, that I left my camera there. I really wish I would of took it with me. NC is very pretty and I have never been that far up past Birmingham, AL. The 12 hour or plus drive wasn't that bad except the Atlanta, Georgia exchange. Oh, my Gees! That part was a trip. On the way there I missed my exit in Atlanta and scared myself to death, but found my way pretty fast. I turned my cell phone off on the way back home for no one would call when I got in that one area and get lost again. Ha~
I got a phone call Friday night telling me my oldest brother had gotten sick and was in North Carolina University Hospital. (Rory is one of daddy's kids from his 1st marriage) Okay! I had a family reunion Saturday on my mom's side and there was a lot of drama behind it, so I had to go. (That's a whole other post in it self.) I was torn between but they said Rory was okay. I made a quick appearance at the Reunion to satisfy my mom, then off I went. When Rory's wife and I got to the hospital Rory was the talk of the Heart Floor. They couldn't believe he was able to get that big rig in that small parking. I just feel sorry for the person who has to come and get his rig. LOL! We didn't find out till the next day exactly what was wrong with Rory. All we knew it was his heart, but didn't know exactly what. He had open heart surgery 2 1/2 years ago and the graphs he had which was 3 were completely closed, plus he had one more blockage. In a way it was good because they couldn't do anything with the 3 graphs that were closed, but because of the other blockage they were able to put a stint in. They told him that he needed to take his medicine and eat right or he would die. He will be 47 in December. That's young. I told him he better straighten up or I was gonna personally whoop his rear end.


dawn said...

That sounds like a crazy trip. I hope your brother finds a way to eat better and take care of himself. Glad he is doing a bit better.

Holly said...

That's scary and young. I hope he does take care of himself. And what a great sister you are - trying to accomodate everyone. I hope you have a restful week now.