Thursday, September 06, 2007

why I need a new purse.......

Summer @ is having a contest on her blog. She is giving a way this real pretty purse.Here’s how you play. Write a post in your own blog all about your purse. Do you love it? Hate it? Bought it second hand? Paid too much for it new? Is it cute and tiny and only has room for lipstick and your keys? Or is it huge and loaded down with everything under the sun? Whatever your purse is like tell me all about it. And don’t forget pictures! Then come back here and comment letting me know your purse post is up and where I can find it.
Okay, my purse. I haven't had a good purse in a long time. I always put my kids and husband before me. I usually get 2nd hand clothes from my mom and I buy me the Wal-Mart special on a purse. I carry all the important stuff in my purse like, bills, check book, insurance cards, the kids social security cards, my medicine and all different kind of papers. I have a bill fold with family pictures in it, pens and I have always got something of the kids or my husband in there also. So, as you can see having a purse is important to me to help me carry everything I need, no matter how ugly it may be I still carry it around. It would be nice to be able to win that new purse, so I would have something pretty to carry around and maybe something for myself in there for a chance.
Thank You!


Ami said...

If I were the judge, you'd win.

I finally got the meme up on my blog. Thanks for tagging me, it was an interesting exercise.

Summer said...

I've got the voting page up for the new purse. Tell evryone to come here and vote for you to win the new purse.