Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stop the Abuse!!

I found this originally on
Which sent me here.... for the details. Below all the info I have posted some of my life but can't tell all at this time. The only thing is I wish I had found this yesterday, but they say this is just the KICK - OFF to this.
From the original email:
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Source: Blog Catalog Email. Spread the word.
My Story: When I was 18 I went a little wild at 1st, then went down this downward spiral that got me nothing but grief and a hard life. I have told people bits and pieces of my life, but have not been able to just right out speak about it. When I read this post from "" she gave me the encouragement to speak. (Like I said, there is one little piece of my life I still haven't told and can't yet, but hopefully this post will touch so many lives.) Okay, back to my younger years. I started being a little rebellious toward my mom and got brave when I was 18. I thought I was grown. I was drinking and doing my own thing. There was this guy I was going with and I had about enough of him and I was going to break up with him. He didn't show up till about 30mins before I was due home. I called mom at work and asked could I go with him for a little bit and I would be back. She told me if I left, not to come back. So, instead of breaking up, I married the ass. We were married 2 weeks and he ran off with a girl. I really got to drinking. About 7mths later I moved back in with momma and boy did it ever get messy. She was more strick and controlling and I was grown and could do what I wanted. My 19th Birthday, My best friend and I was going to a concert. My birthday was the day before hers and the concert was on her birthday. Mom had gave me permission to go, which was a plus. But the day of my birthday I went to my new boyfriend's house, to find him getting in the car with my best friend. My oldest brother killed himself just before I turned 19 and 2 weeks before my 19th birthday I had a miscarriage. also, my grandaddy had died. So, I got more drunk and more rebellious. About 2 weeks after Pete got in the car with Donna, I took off to Memphis. My dad lived there. I went on about 1 1/2 year drunk and got hooked on cocaine. I got raped while I lived there and that just spun me a little more out of control. For about the last 7 mths I lived there, I was living on the streets. I would go to work real early put my clothes in dishwasher and wash them and run them through the oven to dry them. I worked at Pizza Hut. I woke up one morning and asked myself, what the HELL was I doing. I called my brother Sam to come get me. I had all intention to straighten up. I ran into this guy I hung with in school and ooops!, there I go again. I married this man out of fear. He would beat the Hell out of me. My already low self esteem, screwed up point of views got torn to heck and back with this man. I done things I thought I never would. I found myself crying one night and ask God to take him away. This happened after 2 years of hell. Well, 2 weeks later he was arrested for breaking into a store. After he was gone about 2mths, I started slipping back down that wrong road. Well, one night I went to church and got saved. I made up my mind to get rid of Allen. I met Daniel, my now hubby. Well just before Allen got out he started saying he found Jesus, so I didn't divorce him and told Daniel I had to do the right thing. Well, the 2nd night Allen was home his crap started right back. (This part I'm fixing to tell I don't remember, but wished I could.) My mom and youngest brother said I flipped out and started fighting Allen back for the 1st time. Some how my mom got involved, I think they said I ran up the hall and he came after me with nothing but a t- shirt on and decided to attack my mom to get me to mind him. That's when I went real stupid! They said I whooped this man and chased him up the road with a shot gun and he had nothing but a t-shirt on. The next day I went and filed for a divorce. I got it wrote up where he can never come around me. Daniel and I got back together and finally got married. We were happy for a few years, then he had an affair. We split for almost 2 years, but I was hanging in there and keeping my shit together. We got back together, then a few years later another affair. We worked through that one also, but I told him I would never put up with that ever. We have had a good few years lately till this year and this is the part I'm not sure about and can't go no further, but can say, he's not having an affair, but I do think there is some mental abuse there and has been there for a long time. Okay, I said more than I meant to.
Abuse comes in all different shapes and forms and degrees. If you are being abused, Please get out and don't run from your troubles and don't drown your pain in alcohol and drugs. They just cover it up for a short time and make it a lot worse. There is help out there. Do whatever you need to do to take care of your self, because you are someone. I know it is hard at 1st, but you can do it.
I hope I have helped someone. Please spread the word.


amy@thefoilhat said...

(((Kitten))) I hope you'll take your own advice. Abuse is abuse. You do NOT have to live it and you deserve better.

Holly said...

You have grown so much. You are so much stronger. You can handle it.


Ami said...

{{{hugs to you}}}}
It's really really hard to put your heart and your life out there for people to see.
This shows how courageous you are.

Heather K. said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. You don't know how much we share.

dawn said...

I feel so unequipped to comment. I must say, I have not lived your life, but I think you are a very strong person. You can rely on God to guide you and I hope that you get this all worked out.

Robin said...

I don't know quite what to say, but I think you're on the right track...

all I know to do is pray for ya, sweetie...