Saturday, September 29, 2007

The letter Y

"Y" stands for Yahoos, not, but my kids. LOL! That is what I have always called them, because they are so hyper and full of life and enjoys every minute of it.
"Y" Also stands for yearbook. We are in a big home school group, so we get the pleasure of getting a yearbook, which is very nice. It only cost $10. When they were in public school I could never get one because I would have had to buy 3 at $25 or more a piece. This gives them a since of belonging even thou we don't do much with the group. Too busy, busy, busy!


Holly said...

I love that you call them yahoos. That is so . . . lovingly, well, motherly.

kitten said...

I don't know about that. LOL! I just went and looked up the word and it means rude person. YIKES! I just meant it for being so full of life. Ya know, the cowboy yells yahoo! LOL!

dawn said...

We used to have a yearbook with our group, but it was a volunteer put together thing, then went to the publisher. There was someone willing to do it, but there weren't enough submissions. It is too bad, when people get to busy to do submissions for the great memories that can be had.