Sunday, September 23, 2007

The letter U

"U" stands for Unique. That I am! I'm one of a kind! Aren't you glad?
"U" stands for The United States in which I live. It would be nice to be able to travel each state and learn of them, but I guess for now I will have to settle on what We read, look on the Internet and what others tell us.

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dawn said...

I would like to travel through each province in Canada as well, and then go and travel through the states with the kids. But alas, books it is. We have also learnt a lot about England and other parts of Europe and every time we learn about a place we think that would be a great place to visit. So many places, so little money, so little time. Books are great. If you ever want to read about places in Canada, I recommend "Wow Canada". It is written from the perspective of a 12 year old boy, as they travel across Canada and is laid out like a scrap book. Very entertaining and informational.