Friday, September 28, 2007

The letter x

"X" can stand for the number 10 in Roman numerals. Here is a chart........... There are seven basic Roman numerals.
Symbol Value
I 1 (one) (unus)
V 5 (five) (quinque)
X 10 (ten) (decem)
L 50 (fifty) (quinquaginta)
C 100 (one hundred) (centum)
D 500 (five hundred) (quingenti)
M 1000 (one thousand) (mille)
"X" also stands for x rays. Don't you wish it was that easy to look in to someone and see what really is inside. LOL~

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dawn said...

My kids had to learn those in math. I don't always remember them unless they are in front of me.