Saturday, October 20, 2007

We got rain!

It may not mean a lot to you, but it does to me. It has been so unseasonably hot and dry. It rained for 2 days. It was so nice! Not the tornado warnings, but the rain. My turnip & mustard greens were so perky today. It felt so good outside and actually a little cool tonight. The bad part is that every body's grass perked up also. So, we had to mow yards today. But with the crisp in the air means fall is coming! YEAH! And the mowing will stop soon. (I don't mind mowing, but this year has been awful long.
weather 38863 - Google Search: "55°F Clear Wind: W at 5 mph Humidity: 83%Fri 77°F | 44°FSat 81°F | 48°FSun 84°F | 61°FMon 75°F | 57°F"
Don't that weather look nice! :)


dawn said...

Those temperatures do look nice, but for the opposite reason you like them. Our day time temperatures are struggling to meet your night time temperatures. Our night temperatures are hovering at 32 F and less. Our grass stopped growing weeks ago. It has been unseasonably warm here, which is great, but it doesn't match your cool temperatures. Isn't perspective a funny thing?

Holly said...

Oh rain, rain would mean a lot to me! We are in a drought. We planted yesterday plants in our backyard (yeah!, drought tolerant of course) in preparation for the rainy season that hasn't been in two years. Do a little rain dance for me, o.k.?

Heather K. said...

We just got a couple days without rain. It rained for over a week straight and the kids were so happy to run outside. They all have colds, but after a week in the house I had to let them out.