Saturday, October 06, 2007

Our Bowling day (Friday)

Gosh, I wish my camera wasn't broke. We had so much fun. As I figured, most of the mom's were snobs and in their own little clicks. At 1st my 3 were reluctant also, but I sent the 2 big boys over and told them to ask the other big boys if they could play in their lane. It didn't take KB long to spot a pack of little girls her age and she took off. I'm glad I had Eli and JJ with me. (My 2 nephews, ages 3 & 1) Because if not I think I would have been bored to tears with no one to talk to. Another Home School mom I know put Eli in with a group of boys about 5-6 years old. Them little boys were so cute. When it was Eli's turn they took turns holding JJ while I helped Eli bowl. We would put the ball down and count to 3 then I would help him push. One time I let him roll it himself and we thought the ball was never going to get there, but he made a strike! Them little group of boys and I had a ball. Every time one would roll the ball, if it hit a pin or not, they would hi-five each other. It was the cutest thing. Right at the end one of the boys asked if JJ could bowl. So, I took him up there sit on the ground, put him between my legs, counted to 3 and pushed the ball. O my! What a mistake. He jumped up and took after the ball. I jumped up and grabbed him and he threw the biggest fit I have ever, I mean ever, seen a kid throw. He loves balls and he wanted that ball. LOL! Well, needless to say the last 30 mins was really hard, but funny in a way. Aron finally met 2 boys he seemed to click with, but didn't share phone numbers. Maybe we will see them the next bowling trip. Thank goodness, it's only once a month, for my sake. But for the kids I sorta wish it was every week. Not sure if we could make it every week thou.


dawn said...

That sounds like a good time. Our kids go once a year with their home school phys ed group, but they know them well.

Sometimes it takes a while to get to know people and to break into the group. When I first came here, I went to the first few meetings and after the meetings some went to a coffee place, and some went to a restaurant after. The first time I didn't go, because I didn't know which to do, the second time I went with someone I had known as a teen to the restaurant, and there were just a few who went with their husbands who joined later. The rest went to the coffee shop which is what I did after that. The restaurant part ended shortly after when one person moved and another had finished home schooling and that left only one or two who started coming to the other place. Anyway, I make an effort to make people welcome when they come, but sometimes it is hard when you are really excited about seeing your friends and have so much to talk about. It will take a little time, but you will find your place with the group. Going to the bowling will help. Sorry for doing a post in your comments.

Holly said...

Good for you for going. I am too slowly breaking into a group. It's hard. I don't like it. But it's good for DS, so I go. Eventually, I suppose, it will be good for me too. My rule is I never bring my knitting to the group (although I could get a lot done) because I don't want to isolate myself.

GailV said...

That sounds so fun. I can just picture JJ with the ball. Tee hee.

People probably think I'm one of those snobby moms. That's because I'm so shy it just about kills me to talk to someone. So there we all sit, probably all too scared to talk to each other, all thinking the others are snobs when really we're all just shy.