Saturday, October 06, 2007

Home schooling tip of the week

Homeschooling is life changing. It creates personal growth for both the parent and the child. You (the parent) get a chance to rediscover your own special genius while you help your children discover theirs. Nothing you will ever do will have a more profound effect on your child and your family's future as homeschooling.
You are qualified to homeschool your children if you love to read to them, love to spend time with them, love to explore the world with them, love to see them learn new things, and, most importantly, love them.


dawn said...

Very true. I love home schooling my kids. Well, lets be realistic, most of the time.

Ami said...

Best thing I ever did.

Sometimes I don't stop to appreciate what I have, then someone reminds me. :)

Have a great day!

hsing3kinder said...

hear hear!
Well said Kitten.