Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sweeter days.

I'm not being ugly, because I love my nephews, but their momma isn't working again. I know she needs to, but I can finally home school without a lot of interruptions. Now I just got to get my kids back in the groove.
I think if we would still have Eli it wouldn't be that hard with him here and the younger one wasn't around me much when he was small because his momma had done me wrong with Eli and I didn't want to close to the other one. I know that can sound mean, but sometimes you got to do what you got to do to take of yourself.
They both live with maw maw and she has got them spoiled bad. Usually it takes me till Tuesday or Wednesday to get him settled down and stop being a whine tail. Hopefully if she gets this other job she will have all of her paper work to put them in day care.
Daniel's mom has always been against me home schooling. She thinks that since I'm home I don't do nothing. She is the one that has talked my youngest into going to public school. I had been asking Daniel to talk with his mom about day care and he wouldn't so I did. It pissed her off, but she got over it and started getting the paper work for the day care. I told her that if she wanted JB to go back to school, but since the little ones needed so much attention I wasn't being able to work with him or the others. And if I wasn't able to work with him, he wouldn't be able to pass the placement test to get back in school. Sometimes you just have to be blunt and ugly right back.
Sometimes I seem to come across here and other places sorta mean and blunt, but maybe now that thing will settle down and I don't have to be so defencive in my normal life, I wont seem so defencive in my blogger life.
3 Cheers to Sweeter Days!


Holly said...

Good for you. People think you are "free" just because you're home. You need to take care of yourself and your kids first.

dawn said...

Good for you telling her how it is. I am not sure you are as mean and blunt as I. I would have told Daniel's mom that she raised her kids, (don't add in, 'look how they turned out', even if you are tempted ;-)), and this is a decision you and your husband have made and you would be very grateful if she could be supportive, and if not supportive, silent. I would also be very clear that she is not to undermine your authority with your children, or you will limit her visitation, to only in your presence. I witnessed that happening with my in-laws and my niece, where they would talk to her negatively of her mom's choices for her. Before our first was born, I told them they will not undermine my authority with my children, or they would not see them. They have been very good; not to say there hasn't been a few incidents, but they are careful and I have been pretty upfront in letting them know, I know. Oh, don't comment back about this on my post, because my hubby is pretty sensitive when it comes to his parents, and would not appreciate me saying something, even though it isn't that bad.