Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I wanna say Thank You!

Here while back I had just got in this mood. I couldn't get in the mood to cook or what to cook. I started posting some recipes to see if I couldn't get my self out of that rut. Thanks to a few friends ( I really hate to start naming, because I may leave one out and wouldn't wont to offend anyone, but I think they know who they are) I have been able to get out of this. Yes, it may been just the summer, but hasn't happened before. One person not only has been posting recipes, but also a menu plan. I really like her idea of planing for the month. Here are a few of my reasons.... #1- I get my check at the 1st of the month and usually buy most of my meat in bulk. #2- I think if you plan by the month, then you are less likely to have burn out. #3- I think you also have a better since of making a budget.
I haven't sit down and done this yet, but really need to. Dan Dan and I sit down and write down what bills to pay on what days. Why not make a meal plan also to go with our bills.
Thank all of you that has help me get out of my rut.


Wendy Hawksley said...

Something about fall and winter makes me want to bake and make stews... I have no clue how to make stew, so this is the year I bought a crockpot and will give it a try!

kitten said...

I guess I could start leaving ideas for stews and cumbos.

Holly said...

I hate to cook in the summer myself. Something about cold weather; it's so nice to have the warm scents through the house.

kitten said...

dawn, email me please.

dawn said...

Thanks, I just found your comments in my spam. I despammed you, so, Akismet is suppose to learn from that so you shouldn't have any trouble now. It is nice you are doing your comments as a link, and perhaps with changing that, my akismet got silly. Anyway, I think it will be okay now. Sirdar also fixed it over at his place.

Thanks for the kudos. I love having the menu plan, and even when I am running behind, I am just obsessive enough to sometimes do the meal as planned, and other times, it is a switch or a last minute call for FFY. Glad you are out of your rut.

I won't email you now as I am assuming it was about the comments not showing up. Email me if there is something else you needed.