Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tennis this week

KB has been able to take tennis lessons this week. To my surprise, she is a natural. I found out too late this summer, but this week I found out about 5 mins till. I ran home and got her and took her up town. She was only 5 minutes late, but at least she made it. I was sorta worried at 1st because I didn't know how the little girls that are in public school would respond. To my surprise they have responded differently than I imagined. They all ask her a lot of questions at 1st, but then moved on. One of the little girls use to be KB's friend in public school. They just seem to pick up were they left off. It has been such a great experience for her. I also found out that she can take tennis every Summer for a month then about this time a year for a week and if she chooses to she can join the high school team when she gets old enough with out being connected to the school. That is the good part. She has always wanted to do gymnastics, but I have never had the money. That's the good thing about tennis, it don't cost much at all and we can go play at the courts anytime we choose as long as there isn't a tournament going on.


Holly said...

That's great! I'm so glad you've found something you can all do. Sounds like a blast.

GailV said...

Tennis is a great sport since you can keep it up for the rest of your life. Seriously, there are 70 year olds out playing tennis, but not so many 70 year olds playing softball, volleyball, or turning cartwheels.

Have fun!

dawn said...

Tennis sounds like a good sport to get into. It is not really popular up here as far as I know. I am glad the kids reacted well to her. That has been my experience, and often, the school kids are envious of the home school kids so I try to make sure my kids are quite sensitive to that and don't brag too much (unless the other kid is arrogant ;-) then it is every kid for himself ha ha). Sounds like things are going well.