Thursday, October 04, 2007

8 qualities of a wealthy woman, by Suze Orman

The 8 qualities go in order and build on each other:

1) Balance
2) Harmony
3) Courage
4) Generosity
5) Happiness
6) Cleanliness
7) Beauty
%) Wisdom
She said you are living in harmony when the things you think and the things you say and the things you feel and the things you do all match. That is, for example, you aren't thinking one thing yet saying another or saying something when you actually feel differently.

She said if you find yourself not saying what you really feel, for instance, you are off balance somewhere and you need to confront the situation that has you off balance. Then courage comes into play.

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dawn said...

I definitely agree with that analysis, but I think it is more like a circle too, because it takes a wise person to know how to attain balance.