Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dish cloth Give away. (Up Date)

Here is a picture of my ratty old dish towels. But I still think Dawn needs them more than me because I don't use a clothes line any more. No, I'm not knocking Dawn, I'm trying to help her.
So, get on over there and show your support!

TeaMouse is Off Her Rocker!!! Dish Cloth for a Year Give-A-Way!!
How do you enter, why it's easy as can be! Leave me a comment( TeaMouse)so I know you are participating that will score you one POINT towards the contest. Write a blog post about the contest which links back here( TeaMouse)and gain another POINT - the wackier your Post the more POINTS I'll give it - remember this is CRAAAAAZY TeaMouse! For every person who you recommend(they have to tell me that you sent them) you get yet one MORE POINT! The person with the most points will be the lucky winner!
This contest will run a full 30 days - ending at Midnight on November 6th, 2007! Then me, that's Craaaazy TeaMouse will stay up all night tallying the points to determine the winner. The winner will be announced once I've slept and had a chance to wake up with some tea!
I found out about this at Dawn's blog. I thought it was pretty neat. So, I guess I'm crazy too. I really do love Dish towels and such, but you couldn't tell it right with what I have been using, but that's okay too. Go check out TeaMouse's blog and leave a comment. You can say it's for me or Dawn or both, I guess. But, really I'm doing this for Dawn.
I will post my pictures as soon as my niece brings me her camera, hopefully today, no later than tomorrow. I really need to use it to send the kids pictures for the annual, but saw this post and said ooooooooooo.


dawn said...

Thanks, I'll be back to see your dishcloths too, then I will got put a word in for you at TeaMouse's.

dawn said...

Thanks again. I came back to see your cloths. Your towels need help. TeaMouse is looking at doing hanging kitchen towels after Christmas. And lucky for us, no one can see our yard or my clothesline, unless they are snooping around our house.

TeaMouse said...

Thanks for sharing your cloths - you are brave and I love that you love dishcloths as much as I do.