Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Evolution of My Blog. meme

I have been tagged by Dawn at http://daybydayhsing.blogspot.com/
The idea is that I list five old posts that I think are reflective of the evolution of this blog … In addition, I am to “tag” (”meme?”) five other blogs and they must do the same thing else suffer the usual dire consequences.
I had to think on this one, since my blog goes in so many directions. I'm scattered brained! LOL!
I guess The number 1, that stands out in my mind is my ABC meme (Labels: ABC meme ) Which is several, but thay are little pieces of me and who I am and like.
2. which also is several post, but it's about the starting of our home schooling and the starting of my blogging. I have a lot more books, shelves and crafts now, than when we 1st started.Actually we started Hs in 2005. http://kittens-homeschool.blogspot.com/2006/04/some-of-homeschool-stuff.html
3. Little pieces of my family and home.
4. lesson's I have learned. http://kittens-homeschool.blogspot.com/2007/09/beware-of-scams.html
5. Last but not least, my friends that through TDJ and blogging I have met and made.
OKay! Just look for the labels with my My dear sweet friends, I have a lot.
I told you this was hard for me, I couldn't pick just 5 post, but was able to pick 5 topics. LOL!
So, to the the ones I challenge, you can only do just 5 post.
I would like to pass this to...........
Heather K at http://minimemoirsofmine.blogspot.com/
Lisa at http://becauseimthemamathatswhy.blogspot.com/
Holly at http://hollysjoy.blogspot.com/
Ami at http://amimental.blogspot.com/
Regular Mom @ http://regularmom.wordpress.com/
I have a lot more I would have tagged, but could only pick 5 and since I already bent the rules and went on 5 topics and not 5 post, I thought I would behave and just do 5. Yes, picking 5 was just as hard as 5 post. LOL!
Have fun!!!!!!!!!!


dawn said...

That is a good idea for a meme, but a little intensive for thinking. I don't do meme's; I find them too tough, so I am glad you didn't tag me.

Holly said...

I'm running out (as usual) but I'm going to look at yours thoroughly and then give mine the thought it deserves.