Friday, August 24, 2007

One of our big messes

LOL! Rebel put a contest on her blog about your big messes. It didn't take me long to think on one in particular. And trust me, we have a lot of messes around here.
Okay, One Saturday about 3-4 years ago, Dan Dan was gone for the week-end fishing, the kids are outside playing on the slip n slide and I was getting the water ready to wash dishes. I guess the pressure of the water on the out side and the inside caused the main water line to come off. Water started going everywhere. I turned the water off in the sink and opened the cabinet door. I was trying to figure out what to do or how to shut off the main valve. As I was taking everything out of the cabinet so I could turn off the main valve I accidentally knocked the tubing to the sink off. So, all the water in the sink came down on me also. I'm about to freak at this moment and my friend Sherry didn't help matters. I finally got to the valve and turned it off. Only to realize at this time I was soaked from head to toe and I had water all over the house. (I promise, after I cleaned all the water, I bet my floors have never been so cleaned.) Really! (We have a big house, built in the 1940's) Water had already started going into the living room from the kitchen and in the other direction (our house is one big circle) water is going into the big bathroom, wash room, the boys room and the small bathroom. Sherry and I are going around throwing down towels and blankets trying to stop the flow of the water. My kids hear all the commotion in the house and came running in side. To them it was fun time! Sherry's child and my 3 came in just a sliding and I was about to scream. LOL! I finally got most of the watered cleaned, fixed the lines and the kids calmed down. Looking back on it now I guess I should have just joined in with the kids and enjoyed myself, but what a mess! I had 5 or more loads of clothes to wash after this big mess. With 3 kids and my house is where all the nieces and nephews come we have a lot of messes, but this one sticks out in my head the most.


Lisa said...

Hey! Shut up. Just kidding, you told me to tell you that. Actually I'm glad to hear the wallpaper removal advice. If I can ever get far enough in these projects to get to that. Isn't remodeling the pits! Will be so nice when its done. Thanks again!

kitten said...

LOL! You too funny! And Thanks I needed that! Yes, remodeling is the pits, but just think of the finished product!