Friday, August 24, 2007


I hope none of my blogging friends get jealous (which I know they wont) I have a special award I want to give to a special lady. I have been thinking on this for about a week and had asked another blogging friend how to do this. She told me to just make one up, so I did. If any of my other blogging friends do something that stands out and I feel you need a little something something I will do the same for them.
So here it goes..... I would like to give Heather ( the "RED NECK" Award! She is so funny and cute about her red neck ways and has been going through a hard time so I wanted to cheer her up.
The only rule I have is that if she knows someone that lets their red neck ways shine and needs a lift, to pass it on to them.
Love ya! Girly!


Heather said...

Kitten, you KICK ASS!!

Totally made my whole week! You're awesome :) I can't thank you enough!! Have some more exclamation points!!!!!!! That's how much you rock!


RegularMom said...


Your award logo FREEKIN' ROCKS!!!

I just love you. :)

And congrats to Heather, of course!

hsing3kinder said...

That's hysterical!
Congrats Heather!